‘Normal Weird – An Inverted Story About Future Evolution And Self Discovery

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Normal Weird:

Spellbinding and provocative – an inverted story about future evolution and self-discovery with acceptance of our differences at its heart




‘Ingenious mix of Science Fiction and Contemporary Realism’

Normal Weird by Nemetra X1369 on The Table Read

‘Turns life as we know it ON ITS HEAD!

‘WOW! Nemetra has written THE MUST-READ BOOK on identity, SELF-DISCOVERY and being our true selves. Are you normal? Are you weird? Forget all those boring personality tests – read this book!’

David Taylor (Author of The Best-Selling Naked Leader Books)

Siren Stories Books

About Normal Weird

Intellectually invigorating with a superbly original storyline, Nemetra X1369’s novel turns life as we know it on its head.

A multi-layered narrative about our use of technology, impossible relationship and self-acceptance, this futuristic page-turner explores provocative ideas, unimaginable possibilities, and our darkest hopes and fears for the future.

In search of answers about what it means to be human, Normal Weird is an outstanding read and its author, with the most intriguing of pseudonyms, a name to look out for.

The humanity of the 22nd century is evolving into something else.

Who is normal? And who is weird?

What if it is the other way around?

What if the irreversible change is already here?

The idealistic professor Daniel Stein finds proof that his genetic mutation is the new stage of human evolution and declares his findings to the world. However, Daniel is yet to realise that true self-acceptance comes from within.

Normal Weird by Nemetra X1369 on The Table Read

Daniel’s perfect vision is challenged when he meets illogical and emotive Maria.

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About Nemetra X1369

By day, I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a serial entrepreneur, a questionable artist and a yoga fanatic. And by night, when the whole universe goes quiet, I am a writer.

I love travelling, and I had an opportunity to live in Russia and the United States. Twenty years ago I settled in London with my family, although I left my heart in Barcelona.

I love people, and I am fascinated by the variety of human stories, thoughts and emotions. I pay special attention to describing, debating and understanding the feelings of my characters. I believe every feeling is a song to be heard and appreciated. Sometimes this song is happy and uplifting, and sometimes it is dramatic, dark or controversial. But to me, all our emotions are equally important because they make us who we are.

People often comment on my unique writing style, the genre I would attempt to describe as Real Fiction, an unlikely blend of Sci-Fi or Fantasy meets Contemporary Realism. I hope my books will make you gasp, wonder and possibly seek your own clarity. However, I am not aiming for certainty – I really don’t think it exists. Instead, my writing encourages a thought-provoking process within. This is what being a writer means to me.

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