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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, alt-metal band Of Demons, featuring lead vocals by Kato Djin and produced by Jonathan McKinney, were picked to feature on Emerging Rock Bands Radio with their new single, No Body.

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Of Demons

For fans of hard-hitting riffs and captivating vocals, alternative metal band Of Demons is making serious waves, and their electrifying single, No Body, has just landed them a coveted spot on Alex Nova’s Hot Picks on Emerging Rock Bands Radio.

Kato Djin and Jonathan McKinney, Of Demons on The Table Read Magazine
Kato Djin and Jonathan McKinney, Of Demons

Fronted by the enigmatic Kato Djin, whose vocals are both powerful and hauntingly melodic, Of Demons is a band to watch. Their music, produced by the legendary Jonathan McKinney of Siren Stories, is a potent blend of raw energy and introspective lyricism, sure to resonate with fans of alternative metal heavyweights.

No Body

The pulsating single, No Body, is a perfect example of Of Demons’ captivating sound, with a relentless rhythm section and Kato Djin’s soaring vocals.

Alex Nova, the tastemaker DJ of Emerging Rock Bands Radio, clearly recognized the band’s potential, featuring “No Body” on his highly anticipated Hot Picks segment. This recognition is a significant boost for Of Demons, exposing their music to a wider audience of metal enthusiasts.

With their unique blend of musical influences and powerful sound, Of Demons is poised to make a lasting impact on the alternative metal scene. Their feature on Emerging Rock Bands Radio is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented band.

Emerging Rock Bands Radio

For music lovers with a taste for the raw, the rebellious, and the downright awesome, there’s a haven in the radio waves – Emerging Rock Bands Radio (ERB Radio). This online station isn’t your average playlist. It’s a dedicated platform championing the underground scene, giving a voice to the rising stars and hidden gems of the rock world.

ERB Radio is more than just a place to hear the latest alternative anthems. It’s a passionate community that fosters the growth and recognition of up-and-coming rock bands. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Championing the Underdogs: Forget the mainstream overplay. ERB Radio focuses on showcasing talented rock bands who are yet to receive the recognition they deserve.
  • Genre Agnostic Rock Realm: From the crushing riffs of alternative metal to the soaring melodies of indie rock, ERB Radio embraces the diversity of the rock genre.
  • Dedicated Shows and Personalities: Tune in for a variety of shows hosted by passionate music lovers who delve deep into the world of emerging rock bands. Expect interviews, news, and curated playlists that will introduce you to your new favourite band.

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