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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Claire Plaskow’s memoir, Understanding Me is an unflinching narrative of self-discovery, pain and, above all, healing.

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Understanding Me

Claire Plaskow’s captivating and frank new memoir, Understanding Me, takes readers on a deeply personal journey of struggle and self-discovery, inviting readers into her world of hidden pain and ultimate transformation. By delving into experiences of anorexia, loss and the pursuit of authenticity, Claire offers a raw insight into a life mired by abuse and shrouded in secrecy. Whie the narrative may be her own, her intent is to serve as a mirror, reflecting the shared experiences of so many who fight private battles every day.

Understanding Me by Claire Plaskow on The Table Read Magazine
Understanding Me by Claire Plaskow

Having started with a podcast interview, we follow Claire’s incredible journey from a life shrouded in secrecy and self-imposed exile, to a courageous unveiling of her true self.

With honesty and resilience, Claire shares her harrowing story of abuse, loss, and the relentless quest for love and understanding. Through the lens of her experiences, readers are compelled to reflect on their own battles, be they financial struggles, relationship challenges, health issues, parenthood, abuse, depression, prejudice, or social exclusion.

This book is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the importance of embracing our own well-being. We are reminded that, above all else, we must prioritise our own happiness and authenticity, shedding the masks we wear for the world and finding the strength to be unapologetically ourselves.

Throughout the narrative, Plaskow weaves a poignant tale of self-acceptance, overcoming obstacles and finding surprising strength in being vulnerable. Her story becomes a beacon of hope and a vivid reminder of the power of empathy and understanding, particularly in addressing mental health issues like anorexia. However, Understanding Me is more than just an account of one woman’s life; it’s a call to action to see beyond what human beings present to the world and foster deeper, more meaningful connections, encouraging us all to reach out, uplift others, and embark on our own path to authenticity.

Claire Plaskow

I first shared my story on the podcast of the great Sandro Forte, who has become a mentor and friend. It was through that support that I was able to understand my role in this – and that’s to be the voice for those silenced by their own demons, who might be afraid to speak their truth.

I look at this memoir through a vastly different lens than most might expect. It’s not about me, but rather the book is a universal story that anyone can pick up and see glimpses of themselves within the pages. My own experiences are chapters in a much larger narrative of human resilience and empathy. It’s my sincere belief that in sharing our deepest selves with others, we can find true strength and build the kinds of relationships we might have not thought possible. It’s my hope that ‘Understanding Me’ will serve as a guiding light for anyone seeking to better understand their own path through life.

-Claire Plaskow

Claire Plaskow is a talented individual whose diverse background has shaped her into a compelling writer and storyteller. With her academic roots in Marketing and Advertising from Bournemouth University, Claire embarked on a vibrant career that saw her traverse continents and industries. Her journey began in New York, where she spent nine enriching years honing her skills as an Animation Producer. This formative period laid the groundwork for her subsequent success in TV Production, a field in which she has worked extensively, contributing to various TV channels and production studios, including managing her own company.

Currently based in London, Claire’s creative spirit finds expression in her freelance work for a production studio. Beyond her professional endeavours, she has always nurtured a deep-seated passion for writing, reading, and painting. These pursuits have been her outlets for expressing truths and reflections, captured over the years in numerous notebooks, journals, and a blog.

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