Phillip Beckelhymers New Book The Writer Is A Suspenseful Read That Involves A Mind Twisting Game From A Vengeful And Sadistic Killer

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Fulton Books author, Phillip Beckelhymer, a home restoration company owner, a dutiful husband and father who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio; has completed his most recent book “The Writer”: a page-turning thriller that follows a successful property owner, James Seavers, as he gets involved with a terrific incident that puts his and his wife’s lives into danger.

The Writer

The Writer by Phillip Beckelhymer on The Table Read

The story begins with James inside their master’s bedroom holding a double-headed axe with blood dripping from it. In this game of death and vengeance, the serial killer calls the shots. Will James and his family survive?

Beckelhymer shares, “The city’s most successful realtor, James Seavers, is drawn into a macabre and sadistic game with its most prolific serial killer. One who invokes his own personal brand of punishment however he sees fit.

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The Game

There are only three rules.

Rule 1: If James chooses to play the game, he must finish it. At no time for any reason is he allowed to stop participation.

Rule 2: He is not allowed to bring anyone else into the game. Any and all outside help is forbidden.

Rule 3: There is a strict time limit involved that must be obeyed. If they are not followed, it will mean certain death for James’s wife.

If they are followed, it could mean death for them both. James is not allowed to bring anyone into the game himself, but that doesn’t mean the killer can’t do it. After all, he created the game and can do as he pleases. So to make things more interesting, mostly for himself, an anonymous call is made to the police that will allow them to pursue James getting closer as the night goes. The killer has been planning this night for weeks. Setting up everything, making sure it was perfect—a place for everything and everything in its place. All to teach James a lesson—a lesson James has no idea he needs.

The game is played throughout the city, taking him to various properties he owns where he will find one horrific scene after another. Each one getting worse and more brutal than the previous, eventually bringing him face-to-face in a game-ending showdown with an unequaled, tremendously efficient killer for the ages.”

Phillip Beckelhymer

Published by Fulton Books, Phillip Beckelhymer’s book is a heart-pounding novel that shows how some people resort to putting the law into their hands due to their lack of faith in the current justice system.

This engrossing opus is peppered with vivid imagery of the bloody, gory, and brutal scenes that will keep readers awake at night.

Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “The Writer” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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