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On The Table Read, the “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, Tracy Hazzard founded Podetize, a woman founded, woman-led, podcast business supporting female podcasters.

Podetize, one of the world’s largest podcast production companies, announced today the launch of new initiatives in support of its long-time commitment to supporting women in the podcast industry.

Women Are Underrepresented

Studies report that female listenership reached an all-time high in 2021 and project that overall listeners in the U.S. could increase from 75.9 million to 100 million in the U.S. by 2024 with 2,423,127 podcasts in existence, including 62 million+ episodes. Still, the fact remains that women are underrepresented as podcast hosts — only 22 percent of podcasts are hosted by women.

“Clearly, there is tremendous potential for women in the highly lucrative, high-growth podcast industry and Podetize is determined to expand their leadership role. I hope Podetize can serve as a role model for women since we’re women-founded and women-led, but it’s not all about us. We’re just one example of a profitable, scalable company that leads the fast-growing $1.6 billion podcasting industry. Podetize has 4.2M monthly listeners with 500+ subscribers and 1,000 podcasters on its platform, including just 390 female hosts. Collectively, the industry can do better and we’re here to make change happen,” said Tracy Hazzard, CEO of Podetize.

Podetize, founded by Tracy Hazzard, on The Table Read

Key components of the Podetize mission to boost women’s role in the industry are:

Train And Educate Female Podcasters

Podetize now offers female podcasters the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend its Podcast Certified Strategist Program that teaches existing or aspiring podcast coaches, managers, or producers how to launch or reinvent their podcasts and monetize them via easy-to-use solutions for hosting, content creation, advertising, audience retention, and more.

Sessions include pricing and packaging, client service and management, lead generation, and knowledge training, including how to set up and record a great show on a powerful platform, achieve marketing goals, create binge-worthy content, incorporate easy-to-use technology, introduce great branding, and unique tips for success.

Private sessions, mentorship sessions and live group coaching are included and Podetize guarantees that if the coach brings in three or more production clients within one year the annual renewal is free.

Pave the Way for Underserved Female Voices to Shine

A free bootcamp course open to women includes mentoring, live coaching, and masterclasses every week. There are live group opportunities to ask questions to Podetize’s team. The sessions are personalized and customized, which is important to female hosts since not everyone fits a one-size-fits-all model. Women learn to build their business model, determine their ideal podcast format, and focus on their strengths.

For example, when marketing a podcast, women are encouraged to assess whether they are strongest on social media, have an amazing website, and/or can bring in powerful speakers. At the end of the day, these strengths work together to support a powerful podcast platform.

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By offering women live and recorded training opportunities, there’s a high probability that things will progress smoothly. There’s always a model that will work for women and their business, regardless of the stage of the business. Women who have a mission and a message to bring out to the world need a platform, but often they are an underserved community in general.

More Than Just You. A creative experience all on one platform.

Lead by Example with Females at the Helm

At Podetize, 11 of the 15 segment teams are led by a woman, including production, video and graphics, operations, marketing, and social certified coaching. Additionally, the company is majority women-owned by Tracy Hazzard and daughter Alexandra, which provides a unique opportunity to examine the role of women from a stockholder’s perspective, from a team leader’s perspective, and then how that affects the workplace.

The fact that Podetize has women in leadership positions results in a high rate of referral, not just externally from clients who refer the business to other podcasters, but also a high rate of referral for employees referring other employees, which goes a long way and supports Podetize’s reputation as a great company at which to work.

To top that all off, it has remote working, job-sharing, and flex time for everyone in the company, regardless of their job or role, which is helpful for single parents.

Provide Tools for Success

Podetize is determined to build confidence into female voices so they can be heard and supported as they build around the model of independent podcasters and alternative systems to monetize their business. In addition to advertising there are other alternatives and strategies such as: monetizing your guests, hot seating listeners, developing our own book and product sales, affiliate or joint venture partner monetization, or community membership building.

One of the company’s female podcasters, for example, has approximately 100 listeners, and yet still makes tens of thousands of dollars off those listeners. Regardless of budget, technology skills, or knowledge of podcasting, there are many new techniques that women can adopt to make their path to success much easier and clearer.

Promote And Build Confidence in Women

Both internally and externally, Podetize has programs in place to support women and provide a growth path as they build into their roles and position. Often, there are tests along the way – for example, whether they can manage people and processes. Women who excel in these areas tend to be promoted aggressively even if their confidence level lags. Podetize wants to spread the world that women should be believed in first because of their great indicators of skill, attributes, and personalities to run top-tier podcast programs.

Tracy Hazzard, Podetize, The Table Read
Tracy Hazzard

“Considering that women are the most valued demographic in any age group or category, buying or influencing 80%+ of consumer purchases of goods and services in the United States, it is clear that the podcast industry represents a tremendous growth opportunity for women. To date, our challenge has primarily been figuring out how to be seen, heard, and found so that we can edu-tain the broadest and most engaged audience possible – of both men and women. We want to be front and center leading the effort on behalf of all women who aspire to podcast success,” Ms. Hazzard said.

About Podetize

Podetize is a leading global platform for podcast hosting and production helps podcasters launch or migrate their podcast to a hosted platform that provides unlimited storage, statistical reports on the show’s reach and syndication to all the major platforms. Hosting is available for a flat monthly rate and Podetize can help monetize shows through their patent-pending “ad mixing” across their growing syndication network.

About Podetize’s Founders

Tracy Hazzard and Tom Hazzard, Podcast’s founders, have supported and launched more than 1,000 podcasts for their clients and personally host eight of their own podcast shows. Additionally, they designed over 250 products for mass market clients like Target, Costco, Best Buy, and Martha Stewart that generated over $2B in sales—plus 42 issued and pending patents with an 86% commercialization rate —and have earned their place in a very elite group of successful serial innovators. They have been featured in CIO, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Wired, and Harvard Business Review.

An Inc. Innovation columnist and expert product designer, Tracy Hazzard also has worked with leading brands like Herman Miller and Martha Stewart Living and Tom Hazzard has launched over 250 consumer products raking in over $2 billion.

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