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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Pods For Pigs by Gordon Macleod, Alex and Malcolm navigate their sibling rivalry and Malcolm’s new romance, set on the small Isle of Raasay which these two very different brothers call home.

Pods For Pigs by Gordon Macleod on The Table Read Magazine
Pods For Pigs by Gordon Macleod

Pods For Pigs

Gordon Ian MacLeod has delighted readers with the publication of his sixth novel, Pods for Pigs.

Set on the Isle of Raasay, located between Skye and the Scottish mainland and considered by Macleod to be his ancestral home, his passion for his Scottish roots leaps from the page. This contemporary narrative of the day-to-day frictions of its two polar opposite protagonist brothers, Alex and Malcolm, Pods For Pigs explores the sibling’s differing perspectives on just about everything.

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Two brothers living on a croft, on a small Scottish island, but is it big enough for both of them?

Alex with his roving eye, insatiable sexual appetite and increasingly misogynistic attitude, finds he is in conflict with his younger brother, Malcolm, whose new romance raises already festering tensions between them.

With this Scottish drama, where highly charged emotions are tempered by a touch of humour and a fair few drams of whiskey, Macleod explores his passion environmentalism and other concerns as they relate to life in the highlands and islands. Amusing, wry and capturing the essence and resilience of Rasaay’s inhabitants, Pods for Pigs is an entertaining read that will resonate with all those who, at some time in their adult life, have had to live with a sibling.

Gordon Macleod

Scottish author and playwright Gordon Macleod was brought up on the Isle of Arran, but has since moved to live in Cheshire. He has  written seven dramatic works for stage, radio and screen; five of which were released in 2017 under the title, Arran Dramas. One of these plays, ‘Where Did All the Flowers Come From’, was produced in 2022 as a podcast by the Greyhill Arts and Theatre Company (and is available on Amazon as a Podcast on audible, in paperback and as an ebook).

Gordon’s first novel, ‘Silicon Glen’, was published in 2009, and his novel, ‘Carrot Toppers’, was released in 2016. The earliest of Gordon’s novels, as well as a short story, are all based on the island of Arran where he grew up.

Also featured are many of his other favourite locations, like the Isle of Raasay which he views as his ancestral home, and other picturesque places across the Highlands of Scotland. He communicates a deep respect for these environments, and recounts much of the history that has impacted upon them, in his early novels.

He has recently written a new Play called, ‘A Haggis Sausage Roll’. His new novel, ‘Pods for Pigs’ has been released on hardback, along with a second edition on paperback of his most popular novel, ‘76’.

Although the genre of his early novels was adventure and were set in Scotland, the underlying themes in these and his later works, include environmental concern, migration, devolution and independence, cultural diversity, inhumane and degrading treatment, prejudice, misogyny, intolerance and the abuse of power.

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