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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Betrayed by Sandi Logan is about two American women who were ensnared in a drug-smuggling operation that spanned continents and spawned a media frenzy.

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Sandi Logan’s Betrayed is an incredible true story that reaches across the decades with its clarion call of warning with a tale of deception, exploitation and the long journey toward justice.

Betrayed chronicles a case that shocked the world when in 1977, Vera ‘Toddie’ Hays and Florice ‘Beezie’ Bessire thought they were about to embark on the trip of a lifetime when Vera’s nephew, Vern Todd, offered them a campervan to drive from Germany to India. Little did the women know that Vern and his accomplices would secretly pack two tonnes of hashish into the vehicle along the way. Indeed, Sandi Logan believes the ‘Drug Grannies’ might be the first victims of their kind.

This shocking inside story chronicles Toddie and Beezie’s wild ride across continents and oceans to antipodean shores, their arrest by Australian Federal Bureau of Narcotics agents, and all that the women faced in the aftermath.

Despite happening decades ago, the plight of the Toddie and Beezie will resonate with thousands of ictims in the UK and around the world, as females become the predominant targets of on-and-offline scams. Sandi Logan draws from his interviews with those attached to the events, and accounts in the women’s diaries, to tell the incredible tale of an unlikely pair who became infamous and their fight for justice. Logan brings to life the women’s journey across continents, their shocking arrest by the Australian Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and their subsequent struggle for justice in the aftermath of their unexpected notoriety.

In an era when stories of exploitation and manipulation are tragically all too common – especially among women, ‘Betrayed’ serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit of two women who were manipulated by a person they trusted with their lives,” says Logan. “It’s a cautionary tale of how easily innocent individuals can be ensnared in criminal activities, and it reflects their bravery in the face of staggering adversity.

You only have to go online and search for ‘female drug courier duped by love’. The stories are everywhere. Toddie and Beezie’s story might feel very ‘far away’ for some, but in actuality, it’s happening right now to some other unsuspecting and innocent person. Toddie and Beezie trusted someone they loved and it came back to bite them in the most terrifying way. How betrayed they must have felt – and did feel – is unimaginable.

-Sandi Logan
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Sandi Logan

After a career in journalism spanning a decade from 1974, Sandi Logan joined the Australian foreign service and undertook postings to Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby), Germany (Bonn) and the United States (Washington, DC) before returning to Canberra as a senior executive and spokesman for various Australian government departments, agencies and federal ministers. He has been consulting privately in communications strategy since 2014.

Sandi was first alerted to the story of Americans Vera Todd Hays (Toddie) and Florice Bessire (Beezie), who became known as the ‘Drug Grannies’, as a 21-year-old journalist, before taking up an active role fighting what he perceived to be the injustice of their case. ‘Betrayed’ is his first novel.

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