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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Rex & The Rhythm released a new single inspired by 90s hip-hop legends, Highs & Grows, and an accompanying music video.

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Highs & Grows

Barbados bred and Los Angeles based artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Rex & The Rhythm released new single, Highs & Grows, and an accompanying music video. Inspired by 90s hip-hop legends including Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest, Highs & Grows strikes a distinctive mark between psychedelic soul, alt-pop, and hip-hop for a cosmic journey of inner-evolution, honoring both the pitfalls and peaks of being human. 

With an array of live percussion, sun-drenched electric guitar, and transcendental lyricism that is complemented by reverberating euphoric harmonies, Highs & Grows has a kaleidoscopic and uplifting sound.

The music video, directed by DannyJFilms, pays homage to Outkast’s iconic single “Hey Ya!” and reflects an atmosphere of authenticity where Rex delves into the core essence of his creative process and sincerity as an artist.

Rex & The Rhythm

Rex & The Rhythm on The Table Read Magazine
Rex & The Rhythm

Rex and the Rhythm (Rex) is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and producer who spent his formative years hanging around the music studios of international superstar, Eddy Grant, on his historic plantation in Barbados. 

Rex made his entry into the music scene with Caribbean pop group, co-founded by his mother, Cover Drive, which gained remarkable success with three UK top ten hits, multi-platinum and silver singles. He’s opened for Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and Lauryn Hill. Most recently, Rex opened for Ashanti in Barbados at The Hennessy Artistry festival in December 2022 before releasing his sophomore project, Secrets Behind Our Smiles in which you can hear Rex’s artistry elements with a more urban contemporary sonic. 

Rex started playing the drums at nine before picking up the guitar and bass. At 15, his mother put him in Cover Drive which inked a deal with Polydor Records in the UK in 2010. The band, with Rex on drums and co-vocals, scored a number one hit, Twilight, on the UK Official Chart in 2012. That same year, Cover Drive went on to score a total of three UK top tens, multi-platinum and silver singles.

After graduating from Full Sail University in 2020, Rex released his debut EP, #127 Solace in 2021. His solo sound had all the feel good elements of his previous band’s sonic with a bit less Caribbean and more alternative R&B vibes. In December 2022, Rex opened for Ashanti in Barbados at The Hennessy Artistry festival.

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