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On The Table Read, “The Best entertainment magazine in the UK“, author Nick Pease shares the story of his new thriller, Revelation.

Set in Iraq and Washington DC, Jack and Marty are two brilliant scientist friends who are working on a top secret device for the CIA, codenamed Revelation. With life after death fascinating us all, what would happen if Revelation could 100% prove it to be a scientific fact?

Nick Pease, author of Revelation on The Table Read
Nick Pease

Published on 29th March 2022, debut author Nick Pease skilfully uses our insatiable interest in life after death as the plot for his standout thriller, Revelation.

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Combining his life experiences with his spiritual and philosophical knowledge, this exciting, page-turning novel presents the reader with a myriad of questions about the afterlife, whilst ensuring all the facts and scientific references quoted are entirely based on the science and knowledge that is accessible today.

Fast-paced and hugely entertaining, Revelation is a must-read for all those fans of the thriller genre that are looking for a book less ordinary.

Life after death fascinates us all. So, what would happen if someone could 100% prove it to be a scientific fact?

Set in Iraq and Washington D.C., Jack and Marty are two brilliant scientist friends who are working on a top secret device for the CIA. Codenamed Revelation, the programme fails. But later, working alone for their own interest, they accidentally make the device work in a completely unexpected way, proving that life after death is an absolute fact.

Nick Pease, author of Revelation on The Table Read

But many in power see Revelation as a direct threat to their political and religious agendas and will do anything to destroy it – and its inventors! What follows is a thrilling rollercoaster of events as the plot grippingly unfolds towards its beautifully life-affirming conclusion.

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About Nick Pease

Born in Windsor, England, during his childhood Nick was able to hear and later see spirit beings. In his late teens, he began his continuing lifelong quest to discover more about the nature of existence, why we’re here and the reality of life after death.

This led Nick to gain a degree in philosophy, to sit in circle as a medium at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) in London and to take an ongoing active interest in religious and scientific knowledge and the dilemmas this continues to create between the two.

Nick brings all this experience and knowledge to bear in ‘Revelation,’ a thrilling novel about life after death. Although Nick has pursued a very busy career as an advertising copywriter and is used to seeing his words in print, ‘Revelation’ is his first novel.

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Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers, Revelation is published on 29th March 2022, in paperback
(£8.99) and is available to purchase on Amazon. It is also available to purchase on the publisher’s website at Cranthorpe Millner – Nick Pease – Revelation

Facebook:  nick.pease.35

Instagram:  pease_nick

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