Rihannas Role in The Largest Protest in Human History

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Women Shaking Up The World!!

A new book written by U.K born author Sir-Inder Deol praises the stance taken by Rihanna during the Indian Farmers Protest in 2021.  The International release of the book took place on 11th February 2022 at Punjabi University, Patiala, India. Many leading academics attended the event where The Resistance Collection was hailed as a work of literary genius.

Rihanna Tweets About The Farmer’s Protest

Rihanna’s tweet in February 2021 ‘why aren’t we talking about this?! #FarmersProtest’ sent the Indian social media world into meltdown. A simple tweet was followed by an unprecedented response from right wing pro government Indian politicians, actors, and hate groups. A horrendous backlash followed where the singer was accused of threatening the integrity of India, in what can only accurately be described as irrational and erratic hysteria.

‘The tweet by Rihanna had a huge effect by highlighting the protest to a global audience. The world took notice. The farmers and labourers of India will never forget this gesture. Poetry and art capture the emotions of protests, the poem penned by Sir-Inder about Rihanna will go down in the history of this struggle’ Kanwaljeet Singh, General Secretary, Punjab Farmers Union, India.  ‘If she visits India she will receive a hero’s welcome from us.’

Amrit Singh Book

Sir-Inder Deol’s Book

Sir-Inder Deol’s mastery of the poetic word transports the reader directly into the forefront of the largest mass protest in human history. His tone eloquently reflects a combination of the personal and collective struggle of the agitators, inviting readers to both question and better understand the political and corporate cogs of society. It literally makes you want to go out and protest! The Resistance Collection, whilst containing a rich insight into the Indian farmers protest, also crosses over. A modern-day inspirational manual of sorts for activists and reformers worldwide.

Deol illuminates every single poem with his command of figurative language, managing to effortlessly capture such raw emotion in a mere matter of words. The combination of the intellectual with the metaphorical depicts an imperative class consciousness narrative which encourages its reader to pause and reflect. It was within each pause that I found a truly unique insight into what resistance entailed, and what it evoked for the Indian farmers.

It is a poetic resistance story like none other, one which resonates wholly with its reader. I look forward, eagerly, for what Deol may bring next, he is truly an emerging literary genius. (Professor Balkar Singh. Professor of Eminence, Patiala University, India. Author and Academic Scholar). 

Dr Darshan Pal

Senior protest union leader Dr. Darshan Pal also commended the role played by women during the protest as well the support received from Rihanna, Greta Thunberg and Lilly Singh through their social media platforms. India being by in large a patriarchal society took notice. This empowered the nations women protestors even further.

A host of academics, professors and scholars attended the event. For further info on this visit https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-55914858

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