RMS Cloud To Launch Online Hotel Booking App In UK Ireland

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RMS Cloud has provided a world-class property management system for over three decades, is launching its online hotel booking app in UK & Ireland. Their cloud-based PMS hotel management system, having earned the trust to manage over 6,000 properties in 45 countries, will now be available in apps. Easy to download from the Google Play Store or App Store, it will have its flagship features to optimize hotel operations to maximize profits.


RMS started its service to the hospitality industry thirty years ago with its best online hotel reservation system. Headquartered in Australia, they extended their PMS hotel management system to many countries like India, New Zealand, the Middle East, North America, UK & Ireland, among others. Now they are a globally renowned software company facilitating the functioning of hotels, resorts, motels, lodges, parks, apartment segments, and others.

In this fast digital world, smart living is the new trend for the ever-increasing expectations of the services on-demand. 6.648 billion people use smartphones, which constitutes 83.9% of the population and will increase rapidly. Most of them spend 88% of their mobile time in apps for Google Play Store to have 2.87 million apps and Apple Store to roughly have over 2.22 million apps. Hence RMS, to extend its online hotel reservation system for people worldwide to have a great guest experience, is launching its online hotel booking app in the UK.

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Online Booking App

Consumers’ travel journey starts when deciding to go on a vacation or business trip. It continues to decide the destination for vacation or the right distance, booking rooms, planning shopping, visiting places, selecting restaurants, etc., to end with their feedback on the social media. Hence only the best PMS hotel management system can make their travel journey enjoyable and exciting. Now RMS Cloud is providing it through an online hotel booking app as over 60% of consumers use apps throughout their travel journey to have the following benefits.

  • It helps to optimize the consumers’ mobile experience to capitalize on over 70% of their same-day hotel bookings and other late bookings.
  • Enables to provide accessible and customized consumer support throughout the travel journey of the consumers for unforgettable guest experience to increase their trust
  • Provides two-way communication to be a potent marketing tool to reach the target consumers with messages, push notifications, emails, and chatbots for upgrading rooms, restaurants, and other bookings for increasing profits.
  • Reduces manual paperwork to increase the productivity of the employees to save time and costs also to make the hotel eco-friendly
  • Enables collecting huge data from the customers to analyze and make vital decisions for enhancing the guest experiences
  • Helps to develop loyal programs, promotions, discounts, points, and other benefits by knowing the need of the guests from the data to increase their repeated visits
  • Satisfy the tech-savvy guests of younger generations to gain a competitive edge over the competitors for raising brand awareness and loyalty

RMS Cloud expects the people of the UK and Ireland the same support for their online hotel booking app as that given to the PMS hotel management system.

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