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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, young author Sabrina De Angelis shares details of her new collection of dystopian short stories, Living In Chaos, and being inspired to write by experiences with cancer and stuttering.

Sabrina De Angelis’ first collection of short stories takes you on a wild adventure to the depths of the earth. A glimpse of tragedy, drama and sorrow looms in the dark as each character embarks on a journey in search of a beacon of hope.

Living In Chaos by Sabrina De Angelis on The Table Read
Living In Chaos

Will they find it, or will they be left in despair for all eternity? These stories are a riveting read which will keep you page turning as you identify with the despondent cast, wishing them fortitude in their quest for a happy resolve – but it won’t be easy!

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Living In Chaos

Facing up to cancer at any time in life can be devastating and depressive but for young victims of the disease, it can be particularly challenging, especially when overcoming a stutter on top of it. Both situations leave young people full of doubt about the future and feeling they are the only ones who are struggling.

Living in Chaos’ by Sabrina de Angeles is a collection of short stories aimed to inspire people who have gone through challenging situations, especially in these recent times of COVID. Those who have potentially lost hope through personal trauma, to make them realise that no matter what you go through in life there is always light at the other end of the tunnel.

As both a cancer and stuttering survivor herself, this young lady tackles social issues and climate change amid the various character scenarios in this collection as well as surviving tough medical conditions. 

Life is a journey– that is the main message in her book. ‘True Empathy’ is the secret ingredient to living life.

Dystopian Short Stories

A captivating collection of dystopian, survival short stories that take you on a wild adventure to the depths of the earth. I mean, what would you do if everything you’ve ever wanted suddenly went up in flames?

“I opened my eyes slowly and began observing my surroundings. I felt dazed and confused. The last thing I remember, I was getting my first fishing lesson with Oscar and soon after a storm hit. Beyond that I don’t remember anything else. It was like a blank memory. I started to smell bleach from the corridor and then heard the sound of a heart monitor. Mine. I soon realised I was in hospital, in the ICU department. I am not sure how I got here or who found me. Was it Oscar? Did we survive the storm?

“As I began to torment myself with all these questions, a blurry image transcended through my mind… I remember now, Oscar hit his head against the rock, and swiftly fell facing down on the rear end of the boat, losing consciousness. Oh my God, no!!! Is he ok? Is he alive?”

Sabrina De Angelis on The Table Read
Sabrina De Angelis

Fear and trepidation looms in the dark as each character embarks on a perilous journey in search of hope and a way out of their suffering.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

About Sabrina De Angelis

Sabrina De Angelis is an author and currently studying for an MSc in Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey. Coming from an international background – Italian, born in South Africa, raised in Switzerland and attended international schools – Sabrina has developed adaptability to communicate with people from different nationalities and can speak various languages: English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

She has personally overcome many challenges in her life, such as cancer and stuttering at a young age, which led to her writing her first book ‘Living in Chaos,’ which has stemmed from her own chaotic life, but with the stories being purely fictional. The collection was written to inspire people to overcome their fears and persevere throughout their journey into the unknown.

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‘Living in Chaos’ by Sabrina De Angelis (ISBN 9798499196069) is self-published and available at Amazon in paperback, RRP £7, and in Kindle, RRP £1.99. It is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Details at:

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