Seduction of The Seducers Of Seducers Another Platitudinous Upanishad A Memento for an Eternal Life

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Another Platitudinous Upanishad: A Memento for an Eternal Life

In Seduction of the Seducer of Seducers – referred to as S-cube – readers will learn through a series of fictional characters how to tackle real life situations while protecting their Ethical Selves from the low-frequency energies pulling them the opposite way.

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The fictional characters in S-cube have been used effectively as tools to bring out the importance of our choices at our either/or moments in life, that the cause-effect, Karmic Cycle in every life is very real and is bound to show its effects sooner or later. It is not ‘maybe’ but ‘will be’. Each story is inspired by the real-life experiences of real-life people.

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Memento For An Eternal Life

Author Kaur’s thought-provoking and profound, first memento for an Eternal Life, S-cube is especially written for that one ready to jump off the cliff, not because of too little but too much, to stop and read this book first, and then when you reverse your stand, smile.

What puts weight and value to Kaur’s work is that, unlike most authors who have never given birth themselves but write about birth-pangs experienced during a delivery, she writes from her experience that can only be gained by treading those waters alone, enabling her to be the best-fit for the role of acting as the “missing link” that is needed for bringing East and the West together like the Sun kissing the Moon at twilight.


S-cube does a beautiful job of bringing awareness to the epidemic of materialism which if not checked in time, this beautiful Creation will be no more…

Since this book is an attempt to capture a poet’s perspective, the stories are structured in a way that we experience reality relative to the events happening in the universe of our heroine, Mayuri.

In Inderpreet Kaur’s deeply thought-provoking recent release, Seduction of the Seducer of Seducers–Another Platitudinous Upanishad: A Memento for an Eternal Life, or s-cube, readers will learn more about the Art of Living.

In Kaur’s own words, “Truth itself is one, but what gives meaning to the Observer is only when viewed relatively! The heroine has a deep belief of preparing oneself for all different possibilities in this labyrinth of snakes and ladders that we have to face every step of our lives!”

Inderpreet Kaur, S-Cube, A Hungry Pythoness On The Prowl For Eternal Truth … on The Table Read

About Inderpreet Kaur

“I am Inderpreet Kaur and am dedicated to giving you the very best in Talk and more Tawaaking, with a focus on my experience from living in the East and the West, experience in Bagalamukhi Meditation, experience in Software Development Methodologies.

When I started in 2015 my passion for Existentialism and Bhakti Yog drove me to creating a literary masterpiece ‘s-cube’, start a community of Mast-mast Mayuri believers, etc. Now I serve customers all over the whole world with translated versions of the book in all major
languages and am thrilled by the opportunity of sharing my passion with you.

Author Inderpreet Kaur is a Naturalized Citizen from the Capital City of New Delhi, India and now resides near the Chattahoochee River in Roswell, Georgia.

What puts weight to this work is that she writes from her experience that comes from being exposed to both the Eastern and Western styles of living, which means she is a good fit for acting as that “missing-link”, that is needed to unite the East and the West! Seduction of the Seducer of Seducers–Another Platitudinous Upanishad is now available in most major languages.

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Seduction of the Seducer of Seducers–Another Platitudinous Upanishad: A Memento for an Eternal Life

Publisher: Mast-Mayuri

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8985051698

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