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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Serena Ittoo’s new single, So Blue, encompasses the idea that less is more, and emits a strong jazz essence. 

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Serena Ittoo on The Table Read Magazine
Serena Ittoo

Serena Ittoo

Serena Ittoo, a singer-songwriter from Enfield, UK, uses her music to explore and express the emotions we all experience in our daily lives. Her emphasis on authenticity highlights the importance of embracing our unique selves, both in her music and in her interactions with others.

Dive into the world of Serena Ittoo’s music and discover her relatable melodies that connect listeners across language and cultural boundaries. Her songs will inspire you to appreciate your own individuality and recognise the shared experiences that unite us all. 

Serena’s commitment to her craft has opened doors to amazing opportunities, including writing and performing an original song at Sir Paul McCartney’s childhood home. She has also collaborated with renowned songwriters like Grammy winner Gary Nicholson and multi-award-winning Jeff Cohen in Texas.

So Blue

Following her debut release, Nature Foreseen, Serena Ittoo’s new single, So Blue, encompasses the idea that less is more and stems from a conversation she had with a friend who reminded her that sometimes simplicity within songwriting can deliver a more impactful and profound message. 

This receptive and emotive conversational song narrates the story of one person expressing their true feelings to another. They share what they have heard, and open up about their deepest fears of not knowing whether this person will ever proudly reciprocate their love and allow their pure connection to blossom.

This soul pop track emits a strong jazz essence, with ambiguous lyrics that nod to the ambiguity in the connection due to a lot of unspoken feelings between the two people.

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