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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, YA fantasy adventure, Dodecahedron: The Story of the Second Stone by Emmanuel C Lachlan is the third book in the Ocellus Series.

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Dodecahedron: The Story Of The Second Stone

On the planet Lemtor, following the 10,000-year religion wars, Tanun, a studious yet strong-minded boy of 17, together with thousands of others, lives in a vast protective dome. Society inside the dome is strictly controlled by the Elders, who have deemed the outside still poisonous.

Dodecahedron: The Story Of The Second Stone by Emmauel C Lachlan on The Table Read Magazine
Dodecahedron: The Story Of The Second Stone by Emmauel C Lachlan

On his seventeenth birthday, Tanun finds a mislaid access ring to the forbidden section of the library. In there he finds and reads many of the banned books, but Enforcers catch him, and as punishment, the Elders banish him from the sphere with just a survival rucksack.

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While trekking through an ancient railway tunnel, he discovers a glassy-black oval-shaped stone with a dodecahedron carved on one face. Once through the tunnel, a friendly alien shapeshifter (Cassièl) confronts Tanun, saying he has searched for the Dodecahedron stone for trillions of years. He explains evil shapeshifters (the KimMorii) stole and hid the stone and will know it has been discovered. He warns Tanun the KimMorii will soon invade and if they take the stone from him by force, he will die. Cassièl also reveals there are, in fact, millions of domes and the outside is no longer poisonous. Meanwhile, Tanun’s younger brother (Chyke) has escaped from the dome and caught up with Tanun.

While Cassièl is leading the boys to a larger and friendlier dome, he reveals that Dodecahedron is the first to be found of thirteen special stones that form The Master Circle and he must retrieve all thirteen before the KimMorii re-establish The Master circle under their control, subjugating all universes. Tanun willingly offers Dodecahedron to Cassièl, but Cassièl discovers he cannot take it and has to return to his universe to find out why.

Civil war between the dome alliances erupts, so after reaching the next dome, Tanun and Chyke have to train as warriors, not only to help protect the dome but also to keep Dodecahedron safe until Cassièl can retrieve it. Tanun trains in explosives and Chyke trains in espionage, but during their training, they both fall in love with their military trainer (Joor-Jen) which, apart from causing animosity between them, risks the safety of their new dome and each other.

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Because of his spying, Enforcers from the old dome kidnap Chyke and incarcerate him in a tiny cell. Although explicitly forbidden, Tanun, along with Joor-Jen, sets off to rescue him.

Can Tanun and Joor-Jen successfully rescue Chyke? Can Tanun keep Dodecahedron safe until Cassièl solves the problem of retrieving it? Is it possible for Tanun and Chyke to resolve their differences over Joor-Jen? And will the KimMorii invasion change everything anyway?

Dodecahedron is huge in scope and deep in emotion and takes the reader into alternative universes, dramatic battles, difficult relationships, and lasting friendships.

Emmanuel C Lachlan

Emmanuel is based in Godalming, Surrey, England and has written stories and poems for many years. He began formal training in creative writing in 2015.

Emmanuel C Lachlan on The Table Read Magazine
Emmanuel C Lachlan

He favours micro and flash fiction of 50 to 500 words and his themes are frequently Kafkaesque and often feature the individual against ‘them’ and the system. He has had several pieces published.

His tutor suggested he expand a short piece, and this evolved into the first book in the Ocellus Series: The Story of the Twelfth Stone.

When not writing, Emmanuel composes music for choirs and explores philosophy and mathematics.

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