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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Andrew Rees’s two short story collections, Touchpoints And Oburon, delve deep into the complexities of navigating life, its challenges, its joys and its opportunities.

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Touchpoints by Andrew Rees on The Table Read Magazine
Touchpoints by Andrew Rees

Touchpoints And Oburon

Short story collections, Touchpoints and Oburoni, – showcase Andrew Rees’ creativity and originality with his nuanced handling of his protagonists’ emotions that make his stories shine bright.

In Touchpoints, he delves deeply into the human mind and heart with a very personal exploration of the subtleties of how we react to those moments that challenge us, create joy, or sadness, or entangle us in a whole host of other emotions.

‘Touchpoints’ refers to the spark of familiarity generated when we read a story that rings true of our own experience. It covers feelings about the weather, holidays, childhood memories, captivity, setbacks, farewells, grief and devastation. Some carry the warmth of pleasant memories, others the mental pain of harshness and finality in life. Each story has its own experiences and emotions that confirm our empathy with life’s serious and light-hearted sides.

Oburoni And Other Stories by Andrew Rees on The Table Read Magazine
Oburoni And Other Stories by Andrew Rees

Oburoni, which means foreigner in Ghanaian, shares stories inspired by the time Rees spent as a volunteer teacher in Ghana, centring on the emotions and situations that are unique to having made that decision to relocate, and to disconnect to everything that felt safe and familiar before.

Oburoni symbolises the sense of individuality, of being different yet warmly accepted in a land far from home. It shows the impact of relocation and adaptability. Change pervades the other stories: Brian and Pat’s new home, Trish’s search for a new job, Tom’s purchase, and Sonia’s long journey. Life involves family, whether watching a favourite TV programme, welcoming long lost relatives, or seeking a beloved son.  All these different themes peak in the joy of New Year celebrations.

Reflective, entertaining and making a perfect reading choice for those who looking to better understand all that makes us human; these two literary gems will take readers by surprise and leave them keen to read more from this exciting short story author.

Andrew Rees

Andrew Rees is from Bromley, south-east London, but has spent time overseas in Sydney, Australia (sixteen years), The Netherlands (five) and recently Ghana (four). In Kasoa, Ghana he worked as a volunteer teacher and so became familiar with the lifestyle of an oburoni, but his career path has been in information technology for forty-five years. 

He started writing in 2003, publishing ‘Light Places’ (2006) and ‘Running Over’ (2009).  Touchpoints was published in 2014 and Oburoni in 2017.

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Oburoni And Other Stories

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