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On The Table Rad Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Past Unbecoming by Nick Everard, while rewriting the regiment’s history during the last two years of WW2, Dominic Mallory uncovers an ancient scandal, resulting in a murder sixty years later.

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Past Unbecoming

Nick Everard’s second novel, Past Unbecoming, seals his growing reputation as more than a one hit wonder.

Past Unbecoming by Nick Everard on The Table Read Magazine
Past Unbecoming by Nick Everard

Having made sufficient money in the City to retire in 2005 at age forty-eight, Leicestershire-based Dominic Mallory is looking for interesting things to do as he builds a post-commercial portfolio career. Having served briefly as an Army officer in the 1980s, he contacts his former regiment, Prince Rupert’s Horse, and asks whether it has a project he can assist with.

It transpires that the regimental history is weak in the latter stages of the Second World War, so Dominic agrees to rewrite it. However, as he begins to gather material, he finds himself caught up in a scandal from sixty years ago which eventually spills over into present-day murder.

Past Unbecoming delivers a highly original plot, and the dynamics of Dom’s home life, and the realistic portrayal of ‘behind the scenes’ life in the Home Headquarters of a British cavalry regiment, both play their part in fleshing out this highly entertaining thriller.

Using Nick’s own background as inspiration for this page-turning novel, if you’re a fan of military history, murder mysteries, or both; this is the book for you.

Nick Everard

Nick Everard on The Table Read Magazine
Nick Everard

Nick Everard is a former British army cavalry officer who has worked subsequently in the City, schools’ adventure travel and recruitment/executive search. He is married to Kiki and they live on the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire border, and have two grown children. Nick became Regimental Secretary of The Royal Lancers in July 2021; thus, his career has come full circle. 

Past Unbecoming is Nick’s second crime thriller: his first, Clean Kill, was published by The Book Guild in May 2022.

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