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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, EXCLUSIVE Strictly Come Dancing data released by entertainment wizards has found Jayde Adams, Richie Anderson and Helen Skelton to be early favourites among Instagram fans! recorded the Instagram following of the 15 celebrity contestants participating in this years’ Strictly series 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the launch show [23/09/22] and show one [24/09/22].

Strictly Come Dancing Celebrity Popularity

This table ranks the celebrities by the total follower increase after the two shows aired:

CelebrityIG HandleTotal Follower Increase After Launch Show and Show One% Increase
Jayde Adamsmsjaydeadams12,70018%
Richie Andersoniamrichieanderson6,90019%
Helen Skeltonhelenskelton6,0002%
Tyler Westtylerwestt5,40020%
Ellie Taylorelliejanetaylor5,0003%
Will Mellorwillmellor765,0002%
Hamza Yassinhamzayassin904,10031%
Ellie Simmondselliesimmonds3,8006%
James Byejimmybye3,0002%
Fleur Eastfleureast2,0000.25%
Kaye Adamskayeadamsofficial2,0001%
Kym Marshmarsh_kym2,0000.38%
Matt Gossmattgoss2,0001%
Molly Rainfordmollyrainford2,0002%
Tony Adamstonyadamsofficial1,0001%

Strictly Come Dancing Favourites found British comedian Jayde Adams gained the most new followers on the social media platform Instagram after this weekend’s Strictly episodes aired – with an influx of 12,700 fans. That’s an 18% increase on Jayde’s initial following of 72,400 15 minutes before the launch show aired. 

Radio personality Richie Anderson follows in second place with a boost of 6,900 IG followers [a 19% increase], while television presenter Helen Skelton scoops third place [6,000 new followers; 2% increase].

If we’re talking percentage increase, cameraman Hamza Yassin has shot up in interest with over a third [31%] of new fans on his Instagram account – building on his initial 13,100 followers by an extra 4,100. 

Arsenal legend Tony Adams ranks bottom place with an increase of just 1,000. 

Potential Earnings

Which celebrity could potentially put their new following to use and earn the most from sponsored Instagram posts? 

CelebrityIG HandlePotential Earnings Per Sponsored Instagram Post [£]
Fleur Eastfleureast2,896
Kym Marshmarsh_kym1,882
Will Mellorwillmellor761,205
Helen Skeltonhelenskelton1,191
Matt Gossmattgoss683
Ellie Taylorelliejanetaylor650
Tony Adamstonyadamsofficial548
James Byejimmybye535
Kaye Adamskayeadamsofficial518
Molly Rainfordmollyrainford487
Jayde Adamsmsjaydeadams351
Ellie Simmondselliesimmonds291
Richie Andersoniamrichieanderson227
Tyler Westtylerwestt169
Hamza Yassinhamzayassin9080

The X Factor star Fleur East takes the top spot, with the potential to earn £2,896 per sponsored Instagram post. 

And while Hamza Yassin has gained a lot of new fans, rumour has it Hamza could earn just £80 per sponsored Instagram post – £2,816 less than Fleur!


Interested in trending entertainment, endeavored to follow the new series of Strictly Come Dancing, to chart the rise [and possible fall] of the celebrity contestants’ social media following on Instagram.

• A seed list of the 15 celebrity contestants was sourced from the BBC and each celebrities’ IG handle was found via Google search. 

• The Instagram following of the 15 celebrity contestants participating in this years’ Strictly series was recorded 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the launch show [23/09/22] and show one [24/09/22]. 

• Figures and corresponding changes were recorded. The full data set can be accessed here.

• Total follower increase after the launch show and show one was ranked in a table, alongside percentage increases.

• used Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Influencer Sponsored Post Money Calculator to estimate the potential earnings per sponsored Instagram post per contestant. An average was taken from the estimated earnings and converted from dollar amount to pound amount for the purposes of UK outreach. Tools used: and Google Currency Converter.

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