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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Rebook Link Building have partnered with body language expert, Inbaal Honigman, to find the most compatible pairs in this years Strictly Come Dancing.

Body Language

As Strictly Come Dancing kicks off its new season, viewers are left at the edge of their seats as strong levels of chemistry between couples exude. But which dance partners are the most compatible yet, and could this drive the start of the ‘Strictly curse’?

Curious, Reboot Link Building Agency partnered up with celebrity psychic and body language expert, Inbaal Honigman to uncover which pairs are swaying in chemistry. The experts at Reboot Link Building Agency also utilised Google Trends to analyse each couple’s online popularity based on the highest proportion of searches so far, determining the most talked-about couple this season.

Strictly Come Dancing couples with the MOST chemistry, revealed by behavioural expert:

RankingCoupleChemistry Score (%)
1Fleur East and Vito Coppola95%
2Tyler West and Dianne Buswell90%
3Kaye Adams and Kai Widdrington89%
4Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu80%
5Hamza Yassin and Jowita Przystal75%
6Ellie Simmonds and Nikita Kuzmin70%
7Jayde Adams and Karen Hauer67%
8Ellie Taylor and Johannes Radebe65%
9Kym Marsh and Graziano Di Prima62%
10Richie Anderson and Giovanni Pernice55%
11Helen Skelton and Gorka Marquez45%
12Will Mellor and Nancy Xu35%
13Matt Goss and Nadiya Bychkova20%
14James Bye and Amy Dowden15%
15Tony Adams and Katya Jones5%

Strictly Come Dancing Pairs

1. Fleur East and Vito Coppola Chemistry score: 95%

Inbaal says, “An energetic routine which doesn’t demand a constant smile, gives us a glimpse of their genuine expressions, and what a lovely match of personalities these two display. They pull off ‘cool face’ expressions together and flash some genuine smiles at each other. Her clenched hands betray her nervousness but his touch is very soft and caring. Their hug at the end is very real and enthusiastic – fabulous chemistry”.  

2. Tyler West and Dianne Buswell Chemistry score: 90%

Inbaal states, “These two seem to share some lovely secret smiles and open gazes at each other – more than just the prepared choreography. Their eye contact is focused and many of their smiles are small and personal, not broad and staged, showing a real affection. They show real joy and pride in each other as they interact after the dance. She strokes his face, he beams from ear to ear – definite chemistry.”

3. Kaye Adams and Kai Widdrington Chemistry score: 89%

Despite being the first pair to be eliminated, Kaye Adams and Kai Widdrington proved to have among the strongest chemistry in the show. 

Inbaal observes, “Even though the Tango routine is performed stony-faced and there is no room for specific body language clues, the proof shows the moment the music stops. Their warm embrace is close and powerful and their proud smiles touch every part of their faces – friendly chemistry.” 

4. Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu Chemistry score: 80%

Inbaal suggests, “Their perfectly choreographed, well rehearsed routine doesn’t leave much room for personal interaction, even their smiles appear pre-planned – no displays of affection, no special smiles. The mutual respect that exists between two hard-working performers is enough of a chemistry to propel them towards a successful end, but it’s business only. Professional chemistry.”

5. Hamza Yassin and Jowita Przystal Chemistry score: 75%

Inbaal concludes, “They both perform with very genuine smiles and lovely eye contact and when they touch each other, they are very gentle and tender. Notably, their smiles don’t touch their eyes, they are performing, not dating – but their affection for each other is clear, especially in the enthusiastic and happy cuddle they share – lovely chemistry.”

Strictly Come Dancing couples with the LEAST chemistry, revealed by behavioural expert:

1. Tony Adams and Katya Jones  Chemistry score: 5%

Inbaal states, “It’s hard to analyse the body language of a contestant so focused on just not falling over – his eyes look straight ahead at all times and his back is as straight as possible, minimising his chances of tripping. And his kind and compassionate dance partner is nimble on her feet to ensure she’s not in his way. At the end, he hugs her as one would a lifebuoy, thankful and relieved – no chemistry.” 

2. James Bye and Amy Dowden Chemistry score: 15%

Inbaal says, “There is a real dissonance between her smiling, shining expression and his neutral, almost sarcastic face. They are not mirroring each other’s facial expressions and there is no exchange of smiles and glances. Their cuddle is distant – no chemistry.” 

3. Matt Goss and Nadiya Bychkova Chemistry score: 20% 

Inbaal suggests, “Looking out into the audience whenever possible, and not much into each other’s eyes doesn’t exactly scream chemistry. This pair are looking to execute a perfect routine, and not looking for a new best friend. Instead of a lengthy hug at the end, they share a moving high-five. Their respective partners can sleep soundly – no chemistry.” 

4. Will Mellor and Nancy XuChemistry score: 35% 

Inbaal says, “The hard work and passion that this couple puts into their performance is evident in their skill and energy, but the passion is reserved for the dancing, not for each other. He strokes her with straight, firm digits, not soft and loving. She looks directly at him during the dancing with focused eyes, not smiling and feeling. Their personalities are similar, they are both keen to win. But there are no sparks flying – no chemistry.”

5. Helen Skelton and Gorka MarquezChemistry score: 45% 

Inbaal observes, “Their eye contact is functional and impersonal. There are no eyebrow ticks or little smiles that are just for each other. Their dancing is perfect and they support each other well, but not in a caring way, just in a serviceable way. Their cuddle is supportive, reassuring, not affectionate. No chemistry.”

Please find Inbaal’s full analysis for all 15 couples here.

Strictly’s top five most talked-about couple:

RankingCoupleCouple’s total proportion of search interest using Google trends (%)
1Kaye Adams and Kai Widdrington26.92%
2Jayde Adams and Karen Hauer23.38%
3Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu22.44%
4Richie Anderson and Giovanni Pernice21.90%
5Will Mellor and Nancy Xu21.71%
Google Trends data was also utilised to calculate the search interest data for each pairing over the last 7 days (between Sept 27th-Oct 4th 2022) to find out which couple has the highest proportion of searches so far.

Named among the couples with the strongest chemistry (89%), Kaye Adams and Kai Widdrington tops the ranking as the most searched for couple with 26.92% search interest. This comes at no surprise, as they became the first pair to be eliminated this season.

Second among the most searched for pairing are Jayde Adams and Karen Hauer with over 23.38% search interest. With over 67% chemistry score, the pair are also among the top 10 contenders for strongest chemistry.   

Despite earning a low chemistry score of 35%, Will Mellow and Nancy Xu are among the public’s top five most popular pairing with over 21.71% search interest. 



  1. Reboot Link Building Agency were curious to uncover which of Strictly Come Dancing couples have the strongest chemistry so far. 
  2. Firstly, Reboot Link Building Agency partnered up with celebrity psychic and body language expert Inbaal Honigman (she/her) to analyse clips of this year’s Strictly couples to discover who has the most and least chemistry.
  3. After watching clips of each pairing, Inbaal was also able to outline the type of chemistry each pairing are demonstrating – from professional to friendly, then concluded with a chemistry score for each couple based on their behaviour. 
  4. Then, by utilising Google Trends data, Reboot Link Building Agency were able to find out which couple has the highest proportion of searches so far by calculating the total search interest for each couple over the last 7 days (Sep 27th 2022 – Oct 4th 2022) divided by the combined total searches for all couples. 
  5. Data was collected on October 4th 2022 but subject to change. 
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