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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in sci-fi rom-com, A World With You By M. Roca, Gemma Higgins finds herself entering another dimension where she gets to decide on her new life, so chooses to meet ‘The One’.

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A World With You by M. Roca on The Table Read Magazine
A World With You by M. Roca

A World With You

M. Roca’s A World With You skillfully blends the sci-fi and romance genres as chronically indecisive maths teacher Gemma Higgins selects a new life in the multiverse.

When Gemma accidentally enters another dimension, she learns the great secret of existence: that we inhabit a multiverse run by giants, HR managers and angst-ridden writers. Unable to return to her old world, Gemma is told she can take her pick from one of her remaining lives. She chooses a life where she meets ‘The One’, and is delighted that it turns out to be the ex who shouldn’t have dumped her.

If only she could stop being distracted by the handsome ghost she’s been able to see, ever since she arrived from the other dimension…

With a narrative that plays to our minds as well as our hearts, this novel is a guaranteed page turner as readers find themselves desperate to know whether Gemma’s made the right call and a ‘happy ever after’ is on the cards. 

M. Roca

I strongly believe that the key to happiness is satisfying both your heart and mind. A World With You is my romantic-comedy/science fiction attempt to make my readers happy – if only for as long as they read my words.

The romance side sees to the heart, filling it up with a good old-fashioned love story that will make you laugh and cry. The science fiction side tends to the mind, toying with deep concepts like the nature of time and existence in an amusing, original way.

I particularly wanted to explore the possibilities of a multiverse because modern life inundates us with choice. From selecting a partner on an app, to choosing a meal from Deliveroo, there is an expectation to select ‘the right option’ from hundreds, when in the past, such options were far more limited (and probably healthier!). I deliberately made my protagonist indecisive to reflect the pressures abundant choice can put on our wellbeing.

Though profound ideas are explored in the novel, they are done so in an accessible fashion, and always with a knowing wink to the reader. I never want to take myself too seriously. “Whilst there are humorous science fiction books out there featuring love stories, I can’t think of any others where the emphasis is on romance first.

-M. Roca

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