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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, discover to the world of The Traitors card game from GingerFox which has taken the world by storm, pitting faithful players against cunning traitors in a thrilling battle for survival.

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The Traitors Card Game

Inspired by the popular TV show on BBC, step into the gripping world of The Traitors with the Traitors Card Game, or enhance your experience with The Traitors Special Edition Card Game. Absorb yourself in yourself in the ultimate test of trust and treachery.

The Traitors isn’t just a card game; it’s an experience. It’s a social experiment bottled in a box, where trust and suspicion simmer in equal measure. Prepare to befriend and betray, to deduce and deceive, as you navigate the murky waters of loyalty and hidden agendas.

Delve into the intriguing dynamics of the game where players are assigned the roles of FAITHFUL or TRAITOR, shrouded in secrecy as they collaborate to build a central pot of gold. The Faithful must identify and banish the Traitors among them to claim a share of the prize, while the Traitors strive to remain undetected until the end to stealthily steal the coveted funds.

How To Play

Gather your fellow adventurers (4-13 players) and deal out roles. Most become loyal members of the Faithfuls, tasked with completing missions and identifying the hidden Traitors. But lurking among them are the devious Traitors, working in secret to eliminate the Faithfuls and claim victory for themselves.

The game unfolds in rounds, each filled with intrigue and suspense. Faithfuls work together on missions, earning coins that fuel their victory. But beware! Traitors can infiltrate missions, sabotage progress, and even frame innocent players to sow discord.

Once the mission is complete, gather around the Round Table. This is where the true drama unfolds. Players accuse, defend, and plead their case, using deduction, intuition, and maybe even a bit of gut feeling to weed out the Traitors. Alliances shift, whispers become accusations, and the air crackles with tension as players vote to banish one of their own.

The banished player reveals their role, adding a twist to the game. Was it a Faithful, leaving the Traitors to celebrate in secret, or a cunning Traitor, exposing the remaining deceivers? The game continues until either the Traitors eliminate enough Faithfuls to claim victory or the Faithfuls expose and banish all the Traitors, securing their own win.

The Traitors Card Game Review

Prepare for dramatic twists every time an event card is drawn, with potential murders or banishments looming. The stakes are high, and you must navigate the game strategically to avoid becoming a victim. The Faithful must collaborate to uncover those working against them and ensure their survival.

The Traitors offers a unique blend of strategy, deduction, and social manipulation. You’ll need to master the art of reading body language, analyzing every word, and forming alliances with caution. Can you identify the Traitors before it’s too late? Can you convince your fellow Missionaries of your trustworthiness while keeping your own secrets under wraps?

This isn’t a game for the faint of heart. Be prepared for emotions to run high. The sting of betrayal can be real, the thrill of a successful mission intoxicating. But it’s precisely this emotional rollercoaster that makes The Traitors so addictive.

The Traitors Special Edition Card Game not only brings the thrilling dynamics of the TV show to your home but also offers optional digital features that immerse you even further into The Traitors’ world. Ideal for family gatherings, get-togethers, and dinner parties.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the intrigue and suspense of The Traitors at home. Get ready to outwit, survive, and betray in this captivating game of strategy and deception.

Find The Traitors Card Game now:

The Special Edition Card Game is available for £11.99 from


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