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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, The Dangerous Summer released their new album, Gravity, on June 21st via Rude Records.

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Gravity by The Dangerous Summer on The Table Read Magazine
Gravity by The Dangerous Summer


In a perfect way to begin a new era for the band, The Dangerous Summer released their new album, Gravity, out now via Rude Records.

Gravity is a powerful anthem about overcoming personal darkness and navigating the mysteries of the unknown. With mystical instrumentals alongside lead singer AJ Perdomo’s dreamlike vocals, listeners get a provoking glimpse into the band’s soul-searching journey through space to find their unique sound.

The band have also shared the official music video for the track today. Created by AJ Perdomo, Josh Withenshaw, and Christian Zawacki, with additional shooting by Ethan Luck, Danny Zawacki and various artists, the clip follows a group of astronauts on a mission, sharing a touching story of resilience and hope.

Gravity almost never happened. It had an old name, The Walls Outside, with completely different lyrics. A week before the end of the record, I locked myself in my room for 2 and a half days. It was kind of a breaking point in the record, but it turned out to be filled with so much heart, that it ended up as the first single. It really encapsulates the album. The lonely journey we spent out in space finding our sound. There were times where I thought that we would never make it back.

-AJ Perdomo

The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer on The Table Read Magazine
The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer signed their first record deal as high school seniors and quickly established themselves among the alt-rock world’s elite. Passionate delivery, confessional authenticity, and deeply resonant musical storytelling define their sound. The band writes hooks that serve as soundtracks for important life moments for a diverse group of listeners spread across the globe.

The audience is more family than a fanbase. The community feeling is apparent at every gig, from Slam Dunk to Riot Fest, from touring with State Champs to headlining shows. Powered by unshakeable, enduring alt-rock anthems, the Ellicott City, Maryland band’s debut album made them heroes of the Warped Tour world, all while they carved their own unique path. 2011’s War Paint was a sophomore-slump-smashing follow-up.

Produced by Will Beasley (Turnstile, Asking Alexandria), 2022’s Coming Home ushered in a new era for the band. The Dangerous Summer never sacrificed their unique, diverse sonic identity, one that appeals to fans of everything from Kings Of Leon and Coldplay to Jimmy Eat World and Bright Eyes. Coming Home is a triumphant summary of what The Dangerous Summer is all about, past, present, and future.

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