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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, analysis of Google Trends data and fan ratings has found the best Christmas films available on Netflix.

Christmas Films

December is in full swing, as twinkly lights adorn windows, Baileys is poured liberally into novelty cups, and we strap in for a season of festive entertainment on the TV. But which are the best Christmas films?

Language experts LTL Language School, analysed Google Trends data and combined it with fan reviews across IMDb, Google and Rotten Tomatoes to find the best Christmas films and TV series available on Netflix, so we can work out what’s really worth watching this year.

The BEST Christmas Films On Netflix

·        Klaus – 88.3% rating

·        Home for Christmas – 85.5% rating

·        Dash & Lily – 84% rating

·        Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey – 77% rating

·        How to Ruin Christmas – 76.5% rating  

#1 Klaus 

The study found that the best Christmas film on Netflix is the Academy Award-nominated Klaus, with a rating of 88.3%. This heart-warming tale was nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar in 2020 – and it’s easy to see why. The movie is perfect for all the family and is ideal for getting you in the cosy, festive feels this month. 

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#2 Home for Christmas 

Perhaps a surprising entry into second place on the list is the Norwegian festive series Home for Christmas, which has an average viewer rating of 85.5%.  

The two seasons of the show follow the main character, Johanne, on a 24-day hunt for a boyfriend to bring home for Christmas to avoid the all-too-familiar annual family inquisition into her love life. The rom-com will be a hit for any fan of cheesy Hallmark movies.  

#3 Dash & Lily 

Adapted from the novel written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, Dash & Lily follows the blossoming romance between teens, Christmas-hating Dash, and bubbly Lily, as they get to know each other and fall in love over the Christmas season. Fans enjoyed the feel-good adventure, as it boasts an 84% viewer rating.  

#4 Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey 

Craving a Christmas musical? The epic festive feature, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, has an average viewer rating of 77%. The magical tale is soundtracked by John Debney – credited as the composer for Christmas classic, Elf and other favourites like Hocus Pocus and The Princess Diaries.  

The touching story follows a Scrooge-like toymaker who discovers new-found hope when his joyous granddaughter turns up on his doorstep and is ideal for those who enjoy sentimental tales over the festive season.  


#5 How to Ruin Christmas 

This South African comedy series is a hidden gem on Netflix, with a viewer rating of 76.5% and three series to date, so it’s perfect for binging. Each season follows families of a newly wedded couple as they attend their antic-packed Christmas gatherings. The dialogue is predominantly in English and Zulu, but subtitles help along the way.  

#20 Single All The Way

On the other end of the scale, the wintery watch that fans may wish to squeeze at the bottom of their watchlist includes Single All the Way – which still has an impressive rating of 65.7%.  

Top 20 Rated Netflix Films and TV Series on Netflix

      Rank      Film/TV Show      Average Viewer Rating (%) 
     1     Klaus     88.3 
     2     Home for Christmas     85.5 
     3     Dash & Lily     84.0 
     4     Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey     77.0 
     5     How to Ruin Christmas     76.5 
     6     The Christmas Chronicles     75.0 
     7     A Christmas Prince     73.0 
     8     The Princess Switch     72.3 
     9     Nailed It! Christmas     72.0 
     10     The Noel Diary     71.0 
     11     Three Days of Christmas     71.0 
     12     Let It Snow     69.3 
     13     The Holiday     68.7 
     14     The Knight Before Christmas     68.0 
     15     Christmas With You     67.7 
     16     Over Christmas     67.5 
     17     A Castle Christmas     67.0 
     18     Love Hard     66.0 
     19     I Hate Christmas     65.7 
     20     Single All the Way     65.7 

It’s great to see the wide variety of films and series which Netflix users have available to choose from this time of year, and knowing which are the very best can save hours of scrolling when you sit down in front of the TV. 

It’s especially exciting to see some international films and series included in the Top 20. As the demand for multilingualism increases globally, it is now far more mainstream to stream entertainment with subtitles, unlocking a whole new world of options for viewers to explore. 

Plus, watching film and TV in a non-native language is a great way to help learn and expand your vocabulary skills. Studies suggest that people who speak more than one language develop stronger problem-solving skills and an increased ability to concentrate and can even delay cognitive decline in older age.  

It’s never too late to begin learning another language, and with this range of festive choices, there’s no need for viewers to wait until January to start their New Year’s Resolutions!

-CEO & Founder of LTL Language School, Andreas Laimbock
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