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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, we check out the top 10 longest video games that could keep you engaged for thousands of hours. 

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Do you crave epic adventures that stretch further than the eye can see? Do you scoff at a 40-hour campaign and yearn for a title that will truly test your dedication (and bladder control)? Then buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey into the heart of gaming behemoths – the top 10 longest video games ever created! From immersive RPGs to addictive idle games, these top 10 longest video games offer an unparalleled depth of gameplay that could keep you engaged for thousands of hours. 

To help us out, Marin Cristian-Ovidiu, the CEO of, sent over a list of the top ten longest games, and explained the expansive worlds and captivating narratives that make these games so time-consuming.

These top 10 longest video games offer an unprecedented level of depth and engagement, providing players with thousands of hours of entertainment across various genres and platforms.

-Marin Cristian-Ovidiu

Top 10 Longest Video Games

RankGameHours Required
1Melvor Idle3012
2World of Tanks: Blitz2274
3NGU Idle2057
4Midas Gold Plus1816
5Legends Of IdleOn1584
6Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms1173
9Mr. Mine907
10Zombidle: Remonstered849

10. Zombidle: Remonstered (849 hours)

In Zombidle: Remonstered, you join the forces of evil! Team up with a quirky cast of necromancers and monsters to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting good guys of Goodlandia.

It’s an idle game with a twist, where you tap your way to becoming a villainous mastermind, unleashing hordes of undead and collecting loot as your dark empire grows. Prepare to raise some serious hell (and have a few laughs along the way) in this offbeat zombie clicker game.

Its addictive gameplay loop and endless progression offers hundreds of hours of zombie-slaying fun.

-Marin Cristian-Ovidiu

9. Mr. Mine (907 hours)

Mr. Mine puts you at the helm of a burgeoning excavation operation. Your mission? To delve ever deeper into the earth’s crust, unearthing a treasure trove of valuable minerals and building a mining empire that dwarfs the competition.

Don’t be fooled by the simple premise – Mr. Mine offers surprising strategic depth. You’ll meticulously plan your digs, optimize resource collection, and invest in a vast array of upgrades. From hiring skilled scientists to researching powerful equipment, every decision shapes your mining destiny. With over 900 hours of addictive gameplay, Mr. Mine is a game that will keep you strategically excavating for years to come.

8. Arknights (983 hours)

Set against the backdrop of a dystopian world ravaged by the enigmatic “Originium,” you’ll take charge of a squad of elite operators, each with unique skills and personalities. The true brilliance of Arknights lies in its strategic depth.

You’ll meticulously deploy your operators on a grid-based battlefield, anticipating enemy movements and utilizing their abilities to maximum effect. But Arknights doesn’t stop at wave-based challenges. A rich storyline unfolds as you delve deeper into the world, encountering unforgettable characters and unraveling the mysteries surrounding the Originium. With nearly 1000 hours of tactical gameplay to conquer, Arknights is a game that will test your strategic prowess and keep you engrossed for months to come.

7. osu! (1018 hours)

osu! is a fast-paced rhythm game where players test their reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Circles, sliders, and spinners appear on the screen in time with the music, and players need to click, hold, or drag their cursor to hit these objects precisely. With a vast library of songs across various genres and difficulty levels, osu! offers a unique, challenging, and highly customizable rhythm game experience.

osu!, a rhythm game with a dedicated fanbase, challenges players to hit beats and follow patterns in sync with the music. With its diverse song library and competitive multiplayer modes, osu! offers over 1000 hours of addictive rhythm-based gameplay.

-Marin Cristian-Ovidiu

6. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (1173 hours)

This idle game lets you assemble a legendary party of iconic D&D heroes like Drizzt Do’Urden and Minsc, and then unleash them upon a never-ending horde of monsters. But don’t be fooled by the “idle” moniker – Idle Champions offers surprising strategic depth. You’ll carefully position your champions to maximize their abilities, equip them with powerful gear, and unlock new formations to optimize your party’s effectiveness.

With a constantly expanding roster of characters, regular events, and over 1000 hours of idle gaming bliss to delve into, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is the perfect game for D&D enthusiasts and idle game aficionados alike.

5. Legends Of IdleOn (1584 hours)

This charming pixelated world bursts with vibrant landscapes, quirky characters, and a never-ending stream of content updates. Forget the grind – Legends of IdleOn lets your characters progress even while you’re away, making it perfect for casual gamers or those who crave a relaxed approach to adventuring. But don’t be fooled by the laid-back nature – Legends of IdleOn offers a surprising amount of depth. You’ll choose from a variety of character classes, embark on epic quests, conquer dungeons teeming with monsters, and collect a treasure trove of loot.

With a vast world to explore, guilds to join, and a friendly community to connect with, Legends of IdleOn offers a massive 1500 hours of captivating idle gameplay, according to gaming enthusiast Marin. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sword (or fishing rod, or paintbrush – the choice is yours!), and embark on your own idle adventure in the enchanting world of Legends of IdleOn!

4. Midas Gold Plus (1816 hours)

This captivating clicker offers a staggering 1800 hours of entertainment, fueled by its addictive gameplay loop and deeply satisfying progression systems. As you delve into the world of Midas Gold Plus, you’ll take on the mantle of a burgeoning tycoon, striving to amass a fortune that would make King Midas himself jealous.

The path to riches is paved with various activities – you’ll manage intricate mines, delve deep to unearth precious resources, and utilize alchemy to transform your findings into even greater treasures. But wealth isn’t everything – a robust trade system allows you to barter your goods with other players, expanding your commercial empire and climbing the economic ladder. Midas Gold Plus is a game that rewards dedication and strategic thinking, offering a constant stream of upgrades, challenges, and achievements to keep you hooked for countless hours.

3. NGU Idle (2057 hours)

This quirky gem injects humor into the genre, offering a side-splitting experience alongside a staggering 2,000+ hours of gameplay. You won’t be a typical hero here – NGU Idle throws you into a world of offbeat characters and bizarre challenges. But don’t let the silliness fool you – beneath the comedic facade lies a surprisingly deep progression system.

You’ll meticulously level up your character, optimize your stats, and delve into a vast array of upgrades that will transform you into an idle powerhouse. The loot drops are plentiful and delightfully weird, while the boss battles offer a unique blend of strategy and amusement. Whether you’re cracking jokes with the in-game developer or meticulously planning your next upgrade path, NGU Idle guarantees one thing: endless entertainment.pen_spark

2. World of Tanks: Blitz (2274 hours)

This global phenomenon pits you against other players in heart-stopping 7v7 battles. Choose from a massive arsenal of iconic armored vehicles spanning history, from the legendary T-34 to the awe-inspiring Tiger. Each tank boasts unique strengths and weaknesses, demanding strategic maneuvering and split-second decisions on the battlefield. But World of Tanks: Blitz isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. A diverse selection of maps offers a constant change of scenery, from wide-open plains to treacherous urban landscapes.

The game modes cater to a variety of playstyles, whether you crave the thrill of capturing objectives in Domination mode or the pure chaos of a team deathmatch in Encounter mode. With stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and a constantly evolving roster of tanks and maps, World of Tanks: Blitz offers an unparalleled online tank warfare experience that will keep you battling for years to come.

Its amazing strategic depth and intense gameplay make World of Tanks: Blitz a game you can’t miss! And you’ll never get bored – this game offers over 2000 hours of tank-tastic action!

-Marin Cristian-Ovidiu

1. Melvor Idle (3012 hours)

Ascend from humble beginnings to a legendary hero in Melvor Idle, an idle RPG boasting a staggering 3,000+ hours of gameplay. This isn’t your typical idle game – while your character continues to progress even when you’re AFK, Melvor Idle offers surprising depth. Craft powerful gear, unlock a vast array of skills, and master intricate combat mechanics as you conquer increasingly challenging foes. Explore diverse environments, gather resources through activities like mining, woodcutting, and fishing, and uncover hidden secrets scattered throughout the world.

Whether you’re brewing potions, mastering complex crafting, or strategizing epic boss battles, Melvor Idle offers an endless stream of activities to keep you hooked for years to come. Gear up, write your own epic adventure, and become a legend in the captivating world of Melvor Idle!

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Data on the number of hours needed to beat each video game was taken from Site Statistics | HowLongToBeat

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