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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, we check out the top five #BookTok books that live up to their reputation and are worth adding to your to-be-read pile.

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Welcome to the literary phenomenon sweeping through TikTok: #BookTok. In this dynamic online community, bookworms and bibliophiles have found a vibrant space to share their passion for reading. Imagine a virtual library buzzing with enthusiastic discussions, where book recommendations fly faster than likes and comments. #BookTok isn’t just about showcasing novels; it’s about celebrating captivating stories, the power of diverse genres, and the unforgettable characters that stay with you long after you turn the final page.

To help us out, Summary Guru sent over the top five #BookTok sensations in 2024 that will be your new favourite read.

These books have transcended the realm of mere social media trends thanks to their universal themes, compelling narratives, and memorable characters. #BookTok has undoubtedly amplified their reach, but their enduring appeal lies in their ability to resonate with readers on a profound emotional level, offering both escapism and insight into the human condition.

-Summary Guru

1. The Reappearance Of Rachel Price by Holly Jackson 

Eighteen-year-old Bel Price has lived her entire life in the shadow of her mother’s mysterious disappearance. When Bel was just two years old, Rachel Price vanished without a trace, leaving Bel with no memories of that fateful day. Presumed dead, the case remains unsolved, a constant ache in the Price family.

Everything changes when a true-crime documentary crew decides to revisit the case. As filming gets underway, dredging up painful memories and reopening old wounds, the unthinkable happens: Rachel Price reappears.

Bel is thrown into a whirlwind of emotions. Relief at having her mother back clashes with suspicion and disbelief. Rachel’s story of being kidnapped for sixteen years seems fantastical. Is Rachel truly who she claims to be, or is something more sinister at play?

Determined to uncover the truth, Bel embarks on her own investigation, navigating a web of secrets and hidden agendas. With the cameras still rolling, Bel must confront her troubled past, untangle the web of lies, and finally discover what truly happened to her mother – all while facing the possibility that Rachel’s return might not be the happy ending she craved.

This fascinating book has gained popularity on TikTok due to its gripping mystery and suspenseful plot, which keeps readers eagerly turning pages and sharing their theories online. The book’s unexpected twists and shocking revelations have sparked intense discussions and speculation among #BookTok users, fueling its viral success.

-Summary Guru

2. Divine Rivals: A Novel by Rebecca Ross

In the world of Divine Rivals, war has rekindled between the gods, leaving humanity caught in the crossfire. Eighteen-year-old Iris Winnow shoulders the burden of a broken family. Her mother drowns her sorrows in alcohol, and her brother Forest has vanished fighting for the goddess Enva.

Determined to find Forest and hold her family together, Iris sets her sights on a columnist position at the prestigious Oath Gazette. To stand out, she starts a secret pen-pal communication with a rival journalist, Roman Kitt, by slipping letters under their wardrobe doors. These letters, spirited and anonymous, forge an unlikely connection that transcends their competitive nature.

As Iris delves deeper into the war effort, she lands a job as a war correspondent on the front lines. Here, she confronts the brutal realities of the conflict and uncovers unsettling truths about the gods’ motivations. Torn between her growing feelings for Roman (whose identity she still doesn’t know) and the loyalty to her brother and goddess, Iris must navigate a dangerous path.

Will she find Forest in the chaos of war? Can she reconcile her blossoming love with the competition at the newspaper? And most importantly, can she uncover the secrets behind the war and carve out a future for humanity amidst the clash of the divine? Dive into Divine Rivals to find out!

The book has captivated TikTok readers with its lush world-building, intricate mythology, and forbidden romance. Its compelling characters and high-stakes conflicts resonate with fans of fantasy and romance, drawing them into a mesmerising story of gods and mortals that they can’t resist sharing with their followers.

-Summary Guru

3. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Scarlett Dragna has dreamt of attending Caraval, a legendary travelling performance that blends illusion and reality, for years. Caraval comes to a new location only once a year, and with it, the chance to win a wish. Trapped on her tiny island with her abusive father who plans to marry her off soon, attending Caraval seems like an impossible dream.

Everything changes when Scarlett receives a cryptic invitation – an invitation meant for her younger sister, Tella. Desperate to escape her stifling life and fueled by a sliver of hope, Scarlett convinces Tella to run away with her to pursue the impossible dream of attending Caraval.

Upon arrival, the sisters are swept into a mesmerizing spectacle. Caraval, a place where dreams manifest and nightmares take form, is unlike anything they have ever imagined. However, to truly participate and have a chance at winning the coveted wish, they must play a dangerous game orchestrated by the enigmatic Master Legend.

As they navigate the fantastical, ever-shifting world of Caraval, Scarlett and Tella face a series of enigmatic challenges. Lines between reality and illusion blur, their deepest desires and fears are brought to life, and secrets from their past begin to surface. The sisters must learn to trust each other and rely on their own strengths – Scarlett’s unwavering determination and Tella’s cunning resourcefulness – to navigate the games and unravel the mysteries Caraval presents.

Will they be able to win the coveted wish and escape the clutches of Caraval? Or will they succumb to the games’ illusions and lose themselves in the fantastical world forever?

Readers are swept away by the immersive experience of Caraval and the sense of wonder and adventure it evokes, inspiring them to share their excitement and enthusiasm for the book with fellow #BookTok users.

-Summary Guru

4. The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller

In the heart of ancient Greece, The Song of Achilles isn’t a tale of the famed warrior himself, but a love story sung by his most devoted companion, Patroclus. Exiled from his homeland for a reckless act, Patroclus finds himself sent to the court of King Peleus, where he encounters Achilles – a prince of unmatched beauty and strength, destined for greatness.

Despite their differing backgrounds, an unlikely bond forms between the two young men. Patroclus, awkward and unsure, finds solace in Achilles’ confidence and unwavering spirit. Achilles, in turn, discovers a kindred spirit and a deep affection for Patroclus. Their friendship blossoms into a love that transcends the societal norms of their time.

Together, they train under the watchful eye of the centaur Chiron, honing their skills in preparation for the Trojan War looming on the horizon. As Achilles is prophesied to achieve ultimate glory, Patroclus grapples with a gnawing fear – a fear of losing the love of his life on the battlefield.

When the call to war finally arrives, Achilles, fueled by both glory and the desire to protect Greece, joins the fight. Patroclus, torn between love and fear, follows him. The Trojan War brings them face-to-face with legendary heroes like Odysseus and Agamemnon, and the brutality of battle tests their bond.

The Song of Achilles is a poignant portrayal of love, loyalty, and the devastating cost of war. As the story unfolds, we witness the unwavering love between Patroclus and Achilles, the sacrifices they make for each other, and the tragic consequences that unfold on the battlefields of Troy.

Miller’s exquisite prose and nuanced characterizations have earned this book a place in the hearts of many, drawing readers into its timeless tale of heroism and heartbreak.

-Summary Guru

5. A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas

In the world of Prythian, a fragile peace exists between humans and the Fae. Feyre Archeron, a nineteen-year-old huntress, shoulders the burden of providing for her family after their once-wealthy life crumbled. One day, while hunting in the forbidden woods bordering the Fae lands, Feyre kills a monstrous wolf. Unbeknownst to her, this act breaks a centuries-old treaty.

Tamlin, a powerful High Lord of the Fae, arrives at Feyre’s doorstep demanding retribution. As punishment for the slain Fae creature, he drags Feyre to his magnificent yet unforgiving realm. Thrust into a world of magic, beauty, and danger, Feyre finds herself trapped in a gilded cage.

At first, Tamlin appears monstrous himself, his court filled with veiled threats and unspoken rules. But as Feyre navigates this unfamiliar world, she discovers a hidden side to Tamlin and the Fae. They are not the bloodthirsty creatures of legend, but a struggling people burdened by an ancient curse.

As Feyre adapts to her new life, a strange connection begins to develop between her and Tamlin. She finds herself drawn to his power and tortured past, while simultaneously yearning for the life and family she left behind. When she learns the truth behind the curse plaguing the Fae, Feyre realizes she must make a choice.

Can she embrace her newfound feelings for Tamlin and help him break the curse? Or will she risk everything to return to her human life, leaving behind a world that has begun to feel strangely like home? A Court of Thorns and Roses is a story of unexpected love, fierce loyalty, and the hidden price of freedom, all set against a backdrop of breathtaking magic and danger.

Maas’s vivid imagination and richly drawn characters have made this series a must-read for fans of epic fantasy, sparking passionate discussions and fan theories across social media platforms.

-Summary Guru

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