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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, a new study has found the top rated video games of 2023 which proved worth the spend, and which left players disappointed.

Top Rated Video Games Of 2023

The controllers are charged, the snacks are stocked, and the hype is at an all-time high! Buckle up, gamers, because we’re about to dive headfirst into the most incredible virtual worlds of 2023. From breathtaking landscapes to pulse-pounding action, this year’s crop of top-rated video games has something for everyone – whether you’re a seasoned veteran slaying dragons or a fresh-faced recruit exploring uncharted territories.

The data, compiled by online betting company CSGOluck, assessed which games were the highest rated based on the percentage of people who completed the game, average rating, and average retirement rate- where players quit the game before completion. Each game was then assigned a score out of 20.  

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Resident Evil 4

And it turns out that Resident Evil 4 is the 2023 release fans are most happy with this year. The game scored a rating of 18.7 when all three metrics are accounted for and has one of the highest player ratings at 92% – more than 10% higher than the average rating for this year’s releases (83%).  

The game’s atmosphere is a masterpiece of gothic horror. Crumbling churches, sun-bleached villages, and eerie forests create a sense of isolation and dread. The infected villagers, with their disturbing transformations and guttural growls, are truly grotesque nightmares, while the ever-present threat of the enigmatic cult keeps you constantly on edge.

Whether you’re a seasoned survival horror veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Resident Evil 4 is a must-play. It’s a thrilling journey through a haunting world, full of memorable characters, innovative gameplay, and enough spine-tingling moments to keep you up all night. So, grab your weapon, sharpen your reflexes, and prepare to face the horrors that await in the Spanish countryside. The nightmare begins now.

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Spider-Man 2

The second highest-rated release of this year is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 after receiving a score of 18.6. With an average rating of 89% and only 0.1% retirement rate, the game proved incredibly popular, selling over 5 million copies on PS5 alone.  

The game has had a hugely popular release, but fans are eager to get a copy of the game for PC and Xbox with a release date unannounced so far. 

The game was initially released on the 20th of October as a PS5 exclusive and has an average game time of around 18 hours for the main story line. This makes it a great choice for Christmas presents. 

Beyond the superpowers and superheroics, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 aims to delve deeper into the characters’ humanity. Explore the evolving relationship between Peter and Miles, navigate the complexities of balancing a personal life with the mantle of Spider-Man, and witness the emotional weight of responsibility etched on their faces.

While villains remain shrouded in mystery, expect a diverse cast of adversaries to test the heroes’ resilience. From familiar foes with a new agenda to fresh faces rising from the criminal underworld, each encounter promises to be a pulse-pounding clash of power and ideologies.

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Super Mario Bros Wonder

The third most popular game is Super Mario Bros Wonder with a score of 18.2 and an average player satisfaction rating of 90%. The Mario and Luigi game was also released on the 20th of October this year on the Nintendo Switch. 

The heart of the game lies in the Wonder Flowers, colorful blooms scattered throughout the levels. By touching them, Mario and his friends (Luigi, Peach, and even Yoshi!) gain unique abilities that transform the gameplay in unexpected ways. Imagine blowing bubbles to defeat enemies, drilling through the ground to access hidden areas, or using a bouncy bubble form to explore vertical landscapes!


Alan Wake 2

The fourth-highest rated game is Alan Wake 2, which was only released on the 27th of October but has proven popular online with a score of 18.1. The game reportedly takes users around 18 hours to complete the main story and proves popular with a 90% rating. 

It’s been thirteen years since the events of the first game. Alan, lost and adrift within the Dark Place, a dimension fueled by fiction and fear, yearns for escape. This time, the stakes are higher as the darkness has evolved, its tendrils reaching beyond Bright Falls and into the real world.

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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

In fifth place is the much-loved Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with a score of 17.3.  The game was released on the Nintendo Switch back in May, and in September was reported to have sold 19.5 million copies. The game has one of the longest times with around 59 hours of gameplay.  

While Tears of the Kingdom builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, it’s not simply a rehash. Expect a richer, more cohesive story, deeper integration of characters and their side quests, and a world that feels truly alive with secrets and possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Top Five Games Of 2023

      Game      Avg Rating      Retirement Rates      Completion Rate      Overall Score 
     Resident Evil 4 (remake)     92%     0.60%     8%     18.7 
     Marvel’s Spiderman 2     89%     0.10%     11%     18.6 
     Super Mario Bros Wonder     89%     0.40%     11%     18.2 
     Alan Wake 2     90%     0.60%     10%     18.1 
     Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom     94%     1.90%     6%     17.3 
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Another Mario and Luigi game places sixth, with Super Mario RPG receiving a score of 16.8, and boasting an average rating of 85%. Following this, in seventh place, is Baldur’s Gate 3 with a score of 16.8 (scoring only 0.1 lower than Super Mario RPG). 

Dead Space ranked eighth with a score of 16.4 and a rating of 88% – which is 7% above average. The ninth highest-rated 2023 release is Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, which gained a score of 16.4 (0.8 points lower than Dead Space).  

Like a Dragon Gaiden was released on the 9th of November but has already found immense popularity with an average rating of 85%. Lastly, in tenth place for the highest rated 2023 releases, Cocoon comes in with a score of 16.3. 

The game, with one of the shortest gameplays of the year at only 5 hours, has an 86% rating and only a 1.1% retirement rating. 

As for games that were the lowest rated, Starfield was found to be the biggest letdown of the year with one of the highest retirement rates at 7% despite its shorter 22-hour average gameplay. The game was given a score of only 4.86- a 65% decrease from the average. 

Worst Five Games Of 2023

      Game      Avg rating      Retirement rates      Completion rate      Overall score 
     Starfield     75%     7%     25%     4.86 
     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III     57%     3.20%     43%     5.51 
     Diablo IV     79%     5.20%     21%     8.55 
     Robocop: Rouge City     75%     2.80%     25%     10.95 
     Persona 5 Tactica     69%     1.60%     31%     11.07 

Following this, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III was also one of the biggest disappointments this year with a measly 5.5 score. The game has the lowest rating out of the games analyzed, with an average rating of only 57%.  

Lastly, the third lowest rated game this year was Diablo IV who received a score of 8.55- nearly two fifths (39%) lower than the average score. While the game received an average of 79% rating, it unfortunately had a high retirement rate of 5.2%.  

Video games can be a great gift for your loved ones this year – but you need to ensure that you’re not purchasing a title that will prove disappointing or boring.  

With the rise in multi-player online games, these presents provide hours of enjoyment and some friendly competition that are certain to level-up your Christmas gift-giving this year. But make sure to consult player reviews before deciding which title to gift – especially if you’re not a gamer yourself!

-a spokesperson from online betting company CSGOLuck
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