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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, if you’re a blogger or content creator, learn how to write texts that are read avidly and draw your readers in to your website or platform.

How long do you gather the strength to start writing the text? Several hours of “torment” pass, which is still far from ideal. You desire to loudly slam the lid of your laptop and do something simple and understandable. However, diligence alone is not enough to write brilliant text, be it an article that readers will love, a post on social networks that will turn subscribers into fans, or a landing page or a letter that will sell automatically. You must resort to some tricks we will discuss in this article.

1. Use you instead of we

People love to be talked about, so write about your customers. Using words, you speak directly to readers. They will appreciate it.

Challenge yourself, give up the clichés “We are a young, dynamically developing company” and the like. It’s boring and has become tedious for a long time. Better show readers their benefits.

For example, on our “About the Project” page, you will find information about the benefits of working with us.

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2. List the benefits

Emphasize the value of the benefits that readers will receive from your writing. What exactly are you offering them? Avoid general phrases, and always try to be as detailed as possible.

Think about most landing pages. The following lists with many items are often found there:

  • what is included in the program;
  • what benefits will you receive during the training process;
  • the results you will achieve after completing the program.

In your texts, specify in the same way the benefits of using these recommendations or collaborating with you.

3. Forget boring verbs

Do you still use passive verbs in your texts? Discard them. Keep your readers from getting bored and close the page with text. Use strong, active verbs, and always speak directly.

Also, try to avoid the word “be”. You can find many synonyms for this verb depending on the context. Get creative and do it.

4. Pay attention to headlines

I’m sure you’ve heard more than once how important a title is. But let’s remember this again. You can write an excellent text and kill all its potential with a headline because no one will read your article, landing page, or letter.

When you write a headline, think carefully about it…

5. …but avoid the clickbait headline

Understanding the title’s importance, you want to make it unusual and bright and add words to increase click-through rates. And this is the proper desire. However, think twice before doing this.

Will your creativity capture the essence of the text? Will readers understand what you are talking about? Don’t try to deceive them by promising something not in the text. This way, you will lose them.

Therefore, if you are just starting to write articles, landing pages, letters, or posts, follow a simple rule: a clear title is better than a creative one. You may not achieve the “wow” effect, but you will teach readers that they always correspond to the content.

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6. Use fewer words

Even if you aim for a text of 5,000-10,000 characters, remain specific. Refrain from pouring water; reduce the time you read it. Learn to express an idea in a few words. A little practice, and you will be able to do it automatically.

Also, while proofreading, make it a habit to look for extra words. Just remove them and see if the meaning of the sentence changes. No? So everything is fine. Continue searching further.

7. Write in short sentences

Make sure to keep all sentences short. Use them to break up the text. Are you interested in reading a sentence that is 10 lines long? I doubt it very much. Your readers, too.

In addition, short sentences catch the attention of visitors. They are better absorbed, and reading the article becomes more accessible and enjoyable. But you want your readers to feel comfortable.

8. Use the power of 1st sentence paragraphs

The paragraph from the 1st sentence attracts attention.

Have you noticed this?

Your readers will more readily absorb this information. In their understanding, it is more important than what is in long paragraphs. If you want to be heard and remembered, make a one-line paragraph. Just be moderate! An excess destroys the entire effect.

9. Come up with a creative call to action

Brainstorm for this. The labels on the “Buy”, “Join”, and “Click” buttons are boring. Everyone has been tired of them for a long time.

Use a call to action to show readers what they will get when they click the button. Explain why they should do this. Get them interested. Show the benefit. This technique is often used for casino customers, for example, on

Don't get caught plagiarizing

10. Bold or italicize essential ideas

If you want your readers to remember something, put it in bold.

You’ve heard that most of your potential clients are scanners. No matter how much soul you put into each sentence, they often don’t read it.

Scanners look at headlines and bold highlights. Do you want them to pay attention to you? Make it easy for them to view the text. Highlight all important places.

11. State the reason

How often do you do something for no reason? There is a compelling reason behind every action you take.

This applies to your readers, too. If you ask them to do something, explain why. Give them a good reason. You can start with the phrase “because.”

For example, I am not asking you to like this article to please me. However, I won’t hide that I’m happy for every like. I always tell you how much benefit you will get if you click the “Like” button.

12. Don’t be afraid to use the word I

You may have been taught not to use the words ” I” and ” me ” in your texts. It’s time to forget about it. Each such mention helps you gain the attention of your audience. You establish a personal connection with her. And this is precisely what you and your readers need.

Do you know what I noticed?

Engagement rates drop when I publish a blog post without mentioning myself often. They grow when I tell a story and share my observations from life or business.

In social networks, for example, this works 100 percent. People subscribe to you to learn more about your life and achievements and not to read faceless text.

The main thing is not to write long odes praising your person. Learn to tell only what will be helpful to your readers.

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