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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, with songs that have 119 beats per minute found to be best for making love to, we check out a playlist of the best songs for sex.

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Let’s face it, choosing the right music can elevate any experience. But when it comes to setting the mood for intimacy, the stakes feel even higher. While rose petals and candlelight are classic mood-setters, what if science could lend a hand? Recent studies have shed light on the ideal tempo for getting in the mood, suggesting a sweet spot of around 119 beats per minute (BPM).

Experts at sexual wellness site used Spotify’s Playlist Miner Tool to gather a list of songs that appeared the most across various playlists that include keywords such as ‘sex’, ‘sexy’, and ‘intimacy’. The results were then narrowed down to discover songs with a BPM of 119; those that featured in the most sex-related playlists and fit the BPM criteria determined the ranking. 

Music can be a great way to enhance sexual satisfaction by eliminating stress, elevating your senses, and stimulating various emotions during the experience. 

However, given that research has revealed a BPM of 119 to be the most popular tempo for sex, selecting songs that fit this speed is bound to improve intimacy even further. Plus, if you listen to these songs before sexual activity occurs, it will undoubtedly help with the foreplay.

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So, grab your partner (and maybe a glass of wine!), because we’re diving into a specially curated playlist packed with sultry songs that hit that perfect 119 BPM mark. From smooth R&B grooves to heart-thumping pop anthems, we’ve got something for every taste. Get ready to discover the science behind the soundtrack of passion, and unlock a whole new level of intimacy with the power of music!

The Best Songs For Sex

      Rank      Song / Artist      Number of Playlists 
     1     Love Story / Taylor Swift     31 
     2     Bad Romance / Lady Gaga     27 
     3     Just Dance / Lady Gaga & Sad Girl / Lana Dey Rey     26 
     4     Poker Face / Lady Gaga     25 
     5     Smack That / Akon & Smooth Operator / Sade     23 
     6     Double Fantasy / The Weeknd feat. Future     22 
     7     Dead To Me / Kali Uchis     19 
     8     I Wanna Dance with Somebody / Whitney Houston     18 
     9     Dream Girl / Cruisant & Everybody Loves Somebody / Dean Martin     17 
     10     Frozen / Sabrina Claudio     15 

Love Story – Taylor Swift

And the winner is…drumroll please… Taylor Swift’s iconic ballad, Love Story! This 2008 pop anthem, with its tempo hovering around the scientifically-backed “sweet spot” of 119 BPM, has captured hearts (and apparently, sparked some sparks) for over a decade. Appearing in a whopping 31 playlists analyzed, Love Story takes the crown for the most frequent inclusion in playlists with titles explicitly mentioning “romance.”

This finding isn’t entirely surprising. Love Story, with its tale of forbidden love and unwavering devotion, has become a global phenomenon for expressing heartfelt emotions. Perhaps it’s the song’s relatable lyrics, the soaring vocals, or the timeless melody – whatever the reason, Love Story seems to be the go-to choice for setting the mood for a romantic evening.

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

In second place, with a sultry entrance, is none other than Lady Gaga’s pulsating anthem, “Bad Romance.”

Clocking in at a similarly heart-racing 119 BPM, “Bad Romance” has secured its spot in a whopping 27 playlists across the analyzed data. Interestingly, these playlists most often sported titles with the word “sexy” – a clear indication of the song’s power to ignite confidence and a touch of playful intrigue in the bedroom.

“Bad Romance” is a far cry from the fairytale narrative of “Love Story.” Released in 2009, it pulsates with a dark, electro-pop energy, lyrics that hint at a passionate dance with desire, and a powerful vocal performance by Lady Gaga herself. This combination seems to be the secret sauce for igniting a different kind of spark – one that’s less about starry-eyed love and more about raw attraction and uninhibited passion.

Just Dance – Lady Gaga, Sad Girl – Lana Del Rey

In a tie for third place, we find two seemingly disparate tracks: Lady Gaga’s infectious dance anthem “Just Dance” and Lana Del Rey’s melancholic ballad “Sad Girl.” Both clock in at the magic 119 BPM, but their placements within the analyzed playlists reveal fascinating insights into our musical preferences when setting the mood.

Lady Gaga makes a second appearance with “Just Dance,” which appears in 26 playlists across the data. Interestingly, these playlists most often mentioned the word “sexy” in their titles. This isn’t entirely surprising considering the song’s upbeat tempo, playful lyrics, and undeniable dance floor energy. “Just Dance” seems to be the perfect soundtrack for letting loose, igniting playful seduction, and creating a lighthearted atmosphere ripe with possibility.

Lana Del Rey’s “Sad Girl,” on the other hand, takes a more introspective approach. Despite sharing the same tempo as “Just Dance,” it appears most frequently in playlists titled with words like “intimacy” or “vulnerability.” Perhaps it’s the song’s melancholic melody and Lana Del Rey’s signature breathy vocals that create a space for emotional connection and a deeper exploration of intimacy. “Sad Girl” suggests that passion can bloom not just from overt sensuality, but also from a place of emotional vulnerability and shared experiences.

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga solidifies her position as the queen of mood-setting anthems by landing yet another song on the list: the enigmatic “Poker Face” from her breakout album, “The Fame.”

Clocking in at the ever-present 119 BPM, “Poker Face” appears in a respectable 25 playlists across the analyzed data. Interestingly, unlike her previous entries, “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance,” the playlists featuring “Poker Face” don’t have a clear thematic trend. This ambiguity adds another layer to Lady Gaga’s musical versatility when it comes to setting the mood.

“Poker Face,” released in 2008, is a dance-pop anthem with a touch of mystery. The pulsating beat and playful lyrics hint at a captivating game of seduction, where emotions are hidden and desires simmer beneath the surface. Perhaps this is why “Poker Face” finds its way onto playlists with a variety of titles. It could be the perfect soundtrack for a night of playful teasing and building anticipation, or it might set the mood for a more mysterious and intriguing encounter.

Smack That – Akon, Smooth Operator – Sade

In a tie for fifth place, we find two seemingly contrasting tracks: Akon’s pulsating hip-hop banger “Smack That” and Sade’s smooth and sophisticated classic “Smooth Operator.”

Both clock in at the magic 119 BPM, but a closer look at the playlists they appear in reveals a fascinating contrast in their power to set the mood.

Akon’s “Smack That,” released in 2007, is a high-energy hip-hop track with an undeniable swagger. It appears most frequently in playlists with the word “sexy” in the title, unsurprising considering its suggestive lyrics and infectious rhythm. “Smack That” seems to be the perfect anthem for those seeking a night filled with raw attraction and uninhibited desire. It injects a dose of confidence and playful sensuality into the atmosphere, setting the stage for a night of uninhibited passion.

Sade’s “Smooth Operator,” released way back in 1984, offers a stark contrast. This timeless classic exudes a sense of sophistication and effortless cool. While the tempo matches the others on the list, the smooth jazz arrangement and Sade’s sultry vocals create a more intimate and sensual atmosphere. Interestingly, “Smooth Operator” appears most frequently in playlists with the word “intimacy” in the title. Perhaps the song’s slow burn and focus on emotional connection resonate with those seeking a deeper level of intimacy and a more romantic encounter.

The inclusion of both “Smack That” and “Smooth Operator” in the top five highlights the diverse musical tastes that can contribute to a passionate night. Whether you crave an in-your-face declaration of desire or a slow, sensual exploration of connection, there’s a song out there to set the mood.

Double Fantasy – The Weeknd

The Weeknd, known for his exploration of dark desire and emotional vulnerability in his music, isn’t a stranger to crafting songs that ooze sensuality. “Double Fantasy,” released in 2023, is no exception. The song’s pulsating electronic beats, Future’s signature rap verses hinting at forbidden love, and The Weeknd’s trademark blend of smooth vocals and suggestive lyrics create a potent atmosphere ripe with raw attraction.

Unsurprisingly, “Double Fantasy” appears most frequently in playlists with the word “sex” in the title. The song’s explicit nature and focus on physical desire make it a clear choice for those seeking a night fueled by uninhibited passion.

Dead To Me – Kali Uchis

Clocking in at a slightly slower tempo compared to the previous entries (around 110 BPM), “Dead To Me” proves that tempo isn’t everything. This 2018 track appears in a surprising 19 playlists across the data, securing its spot as a mood-setter despite its slightly lower beat. Interestingly, these playlists most often feature the word “sexy” in the title, showcasing the song’s unexpected power to ignite a different kind of spark.

Kali Uchis, a Colombian-American singer known for her sultry vocals and blend of R&B, pop, and Latin influences, creates a unique atmosphere with “Dead To Me.” The song’s slow groove, laced with a touch of defiance in the lyrics, hints at a simmering tension and a desire for control. The Spanish phrases sprinkled throughout the lyrics add an air of mystery and intrigue.

Perhaps it’s this unexpected mix of elements – the slow tempo, the sultry vocals, and the touch of defiance – that makes “Dead To Me” a surprising but effective addition to playlists focused on sensuality. It creates a mood that’s less about raw energy and more about a slow burn, a captivating dance of desire and control.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

So far, we’ve seen modern hits, sultry R&B jams, and even a genre-bending Latin slow-burner dominate the charts. But music for the bedroom transcends time and trends, as evidenced by the surprising appearance of a timeless classic in eighth place: Whitney Houston’s iconic dance anthem, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me).”

Released in 1987, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” might seem like an unexpected choice on a playlist geared towards intimacy. However, this infectious pop tune, with its upbeat tempo of around 120 BPM (a slight nudge above the “sweet spot” of 119 BPM), manages to secure a spot on 18 playlists across the data analyzed.

There’s something undeniably alluring about Whitney Houston’s powerful vocals and the song’s infectious energy. Perhaps it’s the lyrics themselves, hinting at a yearning for connection and a desire to move together – both literally and metaphorically. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” evokes a sense of playful seduction and joyous abandon, qualities that can certainly contribute to a passionate night.

Dream Girl – Crisaunt, Everybody Loves Somebody – Dean Martin

Crisaunt’s Dream Girl and Dean Martin’s Everybody Loves Somebody share ninth place, each appearing in 11 playlists. Both songs feature the most in playlists with ‘intimacy’ in the title. 

Frozen – Sabrina Claudio

Frozen, the eighth song from Sabrina Claudio’s debut mixtape About Time, is last on the list; the 2017 song appears in 15 songs in total. 


Spotify’s Playlist Miner tool was used to gather the songs that appear the most in playlists featuring the following keywords: 

·        ‘sex’ 

·        ‘sexy 

·        ‘romance’ 

·        ‘romantic’ 

·        ‘intimacy’ 


Spotify was also used to obtain the BPM of each song. These were then ranked by the number of playlists each of the songs appear in. 

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