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Paul Ferrante, author on The Table Read

Written by Paul Ferrante


As a writer, I have drawn inspiration from a variety of sources. While creating the young adult T.J. Jackson Mysteries series, I have drawn from my experiences as a teacher of teenage boys and girls, taking into consideration the myriad problems and situations they face during those formative years.

Roberto’s Return

When I wrote the book Roberto’s Return, I was inspired to tell the story of Roberto Clemente, a famous American baseball player who was also a great humanitarian, and who died while coming to the aid of others in distress in Latin America. I felt that learning his story would likewise be an inspiration to my young adult readers.

Teen Novels

Similarly, my teen novels 30 Minutes in Memphis: A Beatles Story and The Girl Who Stole J.E.B. Stuart were inspired by my interest in the subject of racial, cultural and religious intolerance in the United States. Although the stories take place over forty years apart, they both deal frankly with America’s ongoing struggle with this problem.

Idea To Publication

Thus, the journey of discovery from idea to publication, whether it involves extensively researching the book’s subject or performing the magic of bringing fictional people to life in realistic situations that can be entertaining as well as instructive, is the greatest gift the writing process has given me.

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