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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, a recent study has discovered the Premier League football clubs with the most loyal fans, and Liverpool have taken the top spot.

Premier League Loyal Fans

A study by Finnish casino site PikakasinotSuomi examined the TikTok engagement rates for each Premier League football club to create a ranking of fan loyalty and interaction. The engagement rate was found by taking the total number of likes, comments, and shares divided by the total number of views, multiplied by 100.

RankClubTikTok engagement rateNumber of followers
4.West Ham United11.67%4,494,203
6.Manchester United11.59%23,342,983
8.Crystal Palace11.35%833,303
9.Nottingham Forest11.28%1,080,345
11.Newcastle United11.24%2,743,803
12.Sheffield United11.13%1,721,963
13.Manchester City10.86%20,953,594
14.Luton Town10.75%357,999
16.Aston Villa10.65%3,280,864
17.Brighton & Hove Albion10.55%2,162,716
18.Tottenham Hotspur10.07%30,944,921
19.Wolverhampton Wanderers9.32%2,619,512


Taking the top spot with an impressive TikTok engagement rate of 14.17% is Liverpool. The club’s TikTok account, @liverpoolfc, has garnered 15.6 million followers and more than a quarter of a billion total likes on the platform, showcasing the remarkable dedication of its fan base.


Following closely in second place is Arsenal, with a TikTok engagement rate of 13.58%. The club’s official handle, @arsenal, is followed by 5.6 million people and has racked up a total of 52.2 million likes.


Securing the third position is Chelsea, boasting a TikTok engagement rate of 11.92% through their handle @chelseafc. The club receives the second highest number of likes per video on average, 269,779 likes per TikTok, and the club has generated 14.6 million followers overall on the platform.

West Ham United

West Ham United takes the fourth spot with a TikTok engagement rate of 11.67%. Following the handle @westham, fans of the club have managed to get the club to over 67.1 million likes overall on posts.


Fulham, with a TikTok engagement rate of 11.64% and the handle @fulhamfc, take the fifth spot on the list. With the fourth-lowest number of followers of any Premier League club (896,361 followers) and the third-lowest number of uploads (233 posts), the club’s fans still manage to average 46,731 likes per post.

Manchester United

The remainder of the top ten sees Manchester United, rank sixth with a TikTok engagement rate of 11.59%. The club has the highest number of likes overall at more than half a billion (537,803,198 overall likes) as well as the highest number of average likes, at 324,173 likes per post on average.

Bournemouth and Crystal Palace

Bournemouth and Crystal Palace share the seventh spot with identical TikTok engagement rates of 11.35%. The handles @afcb and @cpfc have both cultivated engaged fan bases, demonstrating both clubs’ widespread appeal.

Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest secures the eighth position with a TikTok engagement rate of 11.28%. The club’s official handle, @officialnffc, showcases the dedication of its passionate fan community.


Rounding out the list is Everton in ninth, with a TikTok engagement rate of 11.27% and Newcastle United in tenth with a rate of 11.24%.

Tottenham Hotspur

Interestingly, more followers don’t necessarily translate to a higher engagement rate. Tottenham Hotspur are the most popular Premier League team on TikTok with more than 30.9 million followers, yet place 18th on the list with an engagement rate of 10.07%.

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