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On The Table Read, “the best arts magazine in the UK“, gaming and technology expert, Sarah Marie, is releasing her first line of 1940’s pin up style NFTS under the name ETHegirl.

Sarah Marie, ETHegirl, The Table Read

A veteran in the world of gaming & technology, SARAH MARIE is one of the few female experts regarding NFT & CRYPTO. For her latest project, she combines both beauty and brains, in her first line of NFT’s under the name ETHegirl, the brand focuses and celebrates the nostalgia and confidence of the 1940’s pin-up girls.

Her vibrant personality and ability to speak anyone about NFT’s is making her into the ultimate go-to authority.

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Recently featured on the wildly popular NFT focused podcast by Tokel Talk “The Wild World of NFTS” Sarah demonstrated that she is no stranger to the metaverse and cryto world. Cutting through all the noise and hot topic words associated with NFT’s Sarah prides herself on her background that have given her the tools to speak on and explain to individuals who want to learn more about NFT’s. 

Heavily inspired by sexy confident women of the 1940’s during the heyday of pinup girls, Sarah created the unique pieces that include the classic martini and cigar in fun lingerie. Sarah wanted her first NFT line to be something that she truly loved and believed in. With the world of NFT’s being heavily dominated by men, or celebrities who are jumping on the latest trend, Sarah has the background and experience to showcase a new side of NFT’s that brings sexy back.

Sarah Marie on The Table Read
Sarah Marie

About Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie was born in Nevada City, California, and raised by her young single mother Julia Hammonds and is the oldest of three. Growing up she was raised to only hunt animals for food and would partake in ceremonies honoring the animals and their sacrifice.

ETHegirl, Sarah Marie, The Table Read

Sarah was always taught to hunt to live and survive and honor the animals, instead of living to hunt for the sake of the “sport.” Because of her upbring Sarah is strongly against the hunting of animals for sport.

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She began acting and modeling during childhood for various local commercials. With a speech impediment she leaned more towards dance until she started attending speech therapy and vocal lessons. With more confidence in her voice Sarah Marie began auditioning for local Choir groups. After being accepted she later found the courage to try out for local theater groups and continued dancing throughout grade school.

After graduating high school, Sarah Marie moved out at the age of 17 to pursue a career in acting. She then put herself through college and while focusing on a degree in film, interned for a major production company.

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