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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, A Hole In The Air by Lazarus Panashe Nyagwambo is an electrifying introduction to an important new author, rife with authenticity and pathos, humour and sadness. Published by Carnelian Heart Publishing, this collection of short stories delves deep into the mind and uncovers universal truths about life, love and the human experience.

Carnelian Heart Publishing

Carnelian Heart Publishing was established in April of 2020 by Samantha Vazhure to publish her own works and advocate for the many causes she dedicates herself to on a global scale. However, Vazhure quickly found that writers were anxious to have their work recognized by someone who could understand and empathize with their experiences. Authentic voices often aren’t prioritized in traditional publishing, but with Carnelian Heart, they take centre stage. 

Lazarus Panache Nyagwambo, A Hole In The Air, The Table Read
Lazarus Panache Nyagwambo

Writer Lazarus Panache Nyagwambo is one of the voices amplified by the publishing house, and with the debut of his short story collection, ‘A Hole in the Air’, readers from across the world will be introduced to a vibrant new voice in contemporary fiction. 

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

A Hole In The Air

“The air was thick with something unspoken, something opaque, yet intangible that filled the gaping holes inside all of us”.

Plagued by abysses that portend eternal nights, curtailed by the jagged pieces of life’s puzzle and bound on all horizons by the faded colours of yesterday, the people in these stories inhabit a world where their characters cease to be firm, self-defined entities and become fluid, ambiguous consciences as they are thawed by their circumstances.

In this compelling debut short story collection, Lazarus Panashe Nyagwambo offers his interpretation of the human condition, delving deep into the psyche of the personas he invents – their perspectives, motives and emotions, with a vividness that radiates from the pages.

A Hole In The Air, Lazarus Panache Nyagwambo, The Table Read
A Hole In The Air

A Hole in the Air is a blend of intriguing stories that are sometimes as comical as they are sombre. Nyagwambo’s prose is as poetic as his reconnoitres of the bonds of love, family and friendship, the strengths of which he tests under the weight of this thing we call life. 

The #1 Writing Tool

Lazarus Panache Nyagwambo

“In particular, I’m reaching out to fellow Zimbabweans with these stories,” says Nyagwambo. “I concern myself with everyday realities – not things like politics or celebrity. Instead, I want to get to the root of the human condition. I think any person – whether someone who has grown up in Zimbabwe or not – will be able to find themselves between the pages.”

Continuing, “Anyone who struggles with mental health, or finds they have complex, messy relationships with family or their partner – they’ll be able to take pieces of each story and relate to the messages within them.”

Lazarus Panashe is a Zimbabwean writer and editor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering that he has not used for two years. His short fiction has been published online and in print in the anthology, ‘Brilliance of Hope.’ He writes from betwixt the four walls of his solitary bedroom, which unbeknownst to his family, is a portal to many worlds. 

About Carnelian Heart Publishing

Samantha Rumbidzai Vazhure established Carnelian Heart Publishing Ltd to publish her own books in the first instance, where she advocates equality, mental health, the welfare of women and children, empowerment of women and survivors of abuse, the welfare of immigrants, amongst other causes.

She decided to expand the publishing business by offering her services to other authors, and by helping specific groups of writers to get onto the global scene, in order to amplify their voices as part of her advocacy work.

Through this platform, Samantha seeks the most authentic voices from the most unlikely places, to bring a new flavour of story-telling to global readers.

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