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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, raising awareness for abandoned pets in the UK, Jessica McGovern’s photograph of a lurcher alone in the rain, Abandoned, won a top award.

Abandoned by Jessica McGovern

UK photographer, Jessica McGovern, was awarded the prestigious title of Overall International Photographer of the Year 2024 at the Societies of Photographers 20×16 Print Competition, as well as securing the Open Category win.

The heartbreaking image, titled Abandoned, features a Lurcher left alone in the rain that moved judges to tears during the judging process. The compelling photograph not only showcases Jessica McGovern’s talent but also acts as a reminder of the startling record level of neglect and abandoned pets in the UK.

Abandoned by Jessica McGovern on The Table Read Magazine
Abandoned by Jessica McGovern

Winning this title is not just a personal milestone but also a platform to shed light on the fact the UK is at a three-year-high of dogs being neglected and abandoned in some way. Through ‘Abandoned,’ I aimed to convey the silent suffering and resilient spirit of these animals.

It’s an honour to have this message recognised on such a grand scale, and I hope that it makes others think about their ability to give these dogs a second chance when they consider adding four paws to their family.

-Jessica McGovern

At just 29 years old, Jessica McGovern’s achievement stands as an inspiration to photographers worldwide, showcasing the transformative power of images to evoke emotions and advocate for those without a voice. Her dedication to bringing attention to the issue of pet neglect and abandonment reflects the true impact photography can have on raising awareness and inspiring positive change.

Colin Jones, CEO at Societies of Photographers and Jessica McGovern on The Table Read Magazine
Colin Jones, CEO at Societies of Photographers and Jessica McGovern

Societies Of Photographers

The annual Societies of Photographers Convention celebrates photography talent across the world. Images are meticulously scored against stringent criteria by internationally renowned judges. “Abandoned” not only triumphed within its category, scoring 90+ to fall inside the “Oustanding” range, but also outshone all other category winners to be hailed as the ultimate winning image.

This year we have seen a fantastic range of images and the standard has been exceptional. The Photographer of the Year Awards represent some of the finest images entered into the competition and have competed against some of the world’s best photographers.

-Colin Jones, The Societies of Photographers’ CEO

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