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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in What Do You See by Hannah Sage, she shares moments of her pareidolia, seeing faces and other objects in inanimate objects in her morning cup of coffee.

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What Do You See?

Whilst many of us have experienced seeing recognisable faces, animals or other objects in the clouds, Hannah Sage’s moments of pareidolia come just as she’s pours the cream into to her coffee. In her new book, What Do You See?, she shares not only what she has seen over the last seven years staring out from her cup, but her love of photography. Do you see what she sees or something else?

A phenomena known for centuries, and with many of the artworld’s greats, including Paul Klee, Salvador Dali and Leonardi da Vinci having commented on seeing random visual patterns in items including marble-topped tables, stained plaster and clouds, today’s thinking is very much that such sightings could help us understand and enhance our creativity.

Enthralling and whimsical, Hannah Sage’s book is also a great reminder that we all need to celebrate those simple, unexpected and unexplained moments in life more.

Hannah Sage

I have always enjoyed looking at things like the clouds, rocks or my coffee and seeing what I can see in them … it’s now become a bit of a running joke… ‘here she goes again.’

Being a keen photographer too, I started taking photographs of my coffee and the first photograph in this book was actually taken on the anniversary of my grandmother’s death, at the time I wondered if it was her waving to us. Since then, I have built up a collection of coffee images which I would like to share with you.

-Hannah Sage

Hannah sage was born in 1980 and grew up in Herefordshire which is where she lives today with her two daughters and their two dogs and four cats. By day Hannah is a registered childminder and in her spare time she enjoys nothing more than exploring with a camera in her hand!

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