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Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Amy Suto about her business, Kingdom Of Ink, that connects freelance writers with the jobs they are looking for.

Tell me a bit about what your business is, and who you work with.

Kingdom of Ink is a B2B copywriting services company focused on connecting the top 1% of freelancers to the tech companies, nonprofits, and B-Corps who want story-driven content and copy.

Kingdom Of Ink, agency interview on The Table Read
Kingdom Of Ink

When was Kingdom Of Ink established?

We launched in early 2021.

Where is Kingdom Of Ink based, and do you work with local writers or further afield?

We’re based in Los Angeles, CA, but our writers are located around the U.S. We believe remote work is the future and the structure of our company encourages that!

What are you looking for in the writers Kingdom Of Ink works with?

We don’t represent writers, but we are looking for writers from entertainment backgrounds who are creatives first. In their freelancing careers, our writers use their story sense to elevate brands and bring a creative spark to the copywriting process.

How should writers get in touch with Kingdom Of Ink if they want to be considered for work?

We don’t represent writers, but if you’d like to join our collective you can visit our application link on our careers page:

What are the biggest mistakes a writer can make when seeking representation?

I came up in Hollywood, and I saw how representation doesn’t actually work for a lot of creatives. Instead, models like ours help writers get jobs while giving them a community of collective support they can rely on.

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What are the hints and tips you can offer to a writer to get their best chance?

Creatives should be able to hone their craft through freelancing work while also making their own projects at their own pace. We don’t believe in traditional “9-to-5” jobs and instead want to build opportunities for writers to create their own schedules.

Amy Suto from Kingdom Of Ink, agency interview on The Table Read
Amy Suto from Kingdom Of Ink

What is the process that writers go through from first approaching Kingdom Of Ink to getting booked?

Once writers join our collective, they have access to our exclusive, members-only job board on our platform. From there, they can select or be invited to jobs, and choose what work to take on.

What do you do for writers who work with Kingdom Of Ink? What can they hope to achieve?

We help writers create a freelancing career for themselves while also having a community to rely on. Our freelance platform is different than other platforms because a percentage of every contract is redistributed as “mutual aid” to everyone in the collective to create a safety net. We also have a strong focus on community and virtual events, and want to support our creatives in different ways.

What are the costs involved for the writers Kingdom Of Ink works with?

Similar to platforms like Upwork, we take a commission fee, but there are no upfront costs for writers wanting to join our ranks.

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

Tell me about establishing the branding of your writers and why it matters.

By creating a “personal brand” you can shape how your audience and potential clients view you. That way you can be top-of-mind for jobs and opportunities that are specific to you and what you love writing!

How important is social media in the promotion of your writers?

It’s not essential. We build partnerships with B-Corporations, nonprofits, and tech companies who are looking for incredible writers to upgrade their content and tell the story of their company. We focus more on relationship-building rather than social media to find our client base.

Do writers need a big following to be successful, or can you build that up afterwards?

Having an Internet presence is important to cultivate your audience. In the new Creator Economy, you have to build and curate your own audience. That will allow you to make the content you love and share it with the people who want to support you.

What platforms does Kingdom Of Ink get writers onto?

We are the platform they’re on, so we don’t focus on getting them onto other platforms. We support our writers through getting them jobs, creating community events, and sharing resources and mutual aid funds.

Tell me Kingdom Of Inks biggest success stories. Who are you most proud of working with?

Our biggest successes this year is in helping our writers quit toxic jobs in Hollywood and go full-time freelance. We believe that writers should be able to travel the world, work remotely, and have a flexible schedule, and so we create systems to help them achieve that!

Share your words of encouragement and advice for aspiring writers.

The path towards finding freedom as a freelancer and creative is a hard one, but don’t give up! Keep on investing in your skills, follow your joy, and have faith that as long as you show up and do your best every day, everything will work out. As a freelancer and creative myself, I found success by creating good habits and learning constantly.

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