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JJ Barnes The Table Read

Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Luana Ribeira, founder of the Dauntless PR agency, about what inspired her, what she does, and what Dauntless PR looks for in clients.

Tell me a bit about who your agency is, and who you represent.

We are Dauntless PR and we get leaders building personal brands featured on TV, radio, podcast and in magazines and other press, such as newspapers.

Dauntless PR, agency interview with Luana Ribeira on The Table Read

When was Dauntless PR established?

I started trading in 2018 under my own personal brand, but the company has evolved so much since then. In 2020, we had a full rebrand and this is when we became Dauntless PR.

Where is Dauntless PR based, and do you work with local artists or further afield?

As a team, we are all based in various locations in the United Kingdom and we work with leaders from all over the globe including USA, Canada and Australia.

What are you looking for in the artists you represent?

Dauntless PR, agency interview with Luana Ribeira on The Table Read
Luana Ribeira

We look for people who want to create a positive impact in the world and who can be Dauntless in showing up as the truest versions of themselves and in sharing their unique insights and opinions.

How should artists get in touch with you if they want to be considered for representation by Dauntless PR?

Through our website or by emailing

What are the biggest mistakes an artist can make when seeking representation?

Being unreliable! If they don’t show up for our meetings or they are late and unprepared, that gives us a good indication of how they would show up for their press meetings and we can’t take that chance.

What are the hints and tips you can offer to an artist to get their best chance?

Research the company first to see if you are likely to be a good fit and get clued up on what PR is and how it can work to help you to grow your brand so you know what to expect.

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What is the process that artists go through from first approaching you to getting booked by Dauntless PR?

After their interview, if we accept them on to our books, they are then booked for a media acceleration call which is where we delve deep into their desires, stories, values and details about their business. This is so that we can learn as much about them as possible to be able to pitch them in the best way.

We create their media kit, their pitches and press releases and even ghostwrite their articles if they like. Then they sit back and once we start pitching, they typically get their first booking within 7 days.

Dauntless PR, agency interview with Luana Ribeira on The Table Read
Luana Ribeira

What do you do for artists who work with Dauntless PR? What can they hope to achieve?

We get them booked for TV, radio, podcasts, radio and other press, such as newspapers. We also work with them on the mindset shift and levelling up process that comes with suddenly becoming visible, on their interview delivery and also how they can use their media for maximum results in their business.

What are the costs involved for the artists you represent?

For our VIP service which is fully done-for-you, it’s £18,000 a year and that includes a feature guarantee.

Tell me about establishing the branding of your artists and why it matters.

Establishing the brand is absolutely vital! This is what allows people to connect with who you are and what you represent. Get it right and this is what will have your people magnetized towards you!

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How important is social media in the promotion of your artists?

Social media is such an incredible tool. We strongly recommend artists have a powerful online presence. We always want to get across to our clients that the media we will get them booked for is not to replace their social presence, but to enhance it!

Do artists need a big following to be successful, or can you build that up afterwards?

Dauntless PR, agency interview with Luana Ribeira on The Table Read
Luana Ribeira

Absolutely not! Some of our most successful clients have had tiny audiences, especially those that are very niche but what they have been able to do is really hone their message so that they are calling the RIGHT people into their space, they’ve had an effective marketing strategy and then they’ve used our system to amplify that with their media.

What platforms do you get your artists onto?

Examples include Forbes, Red, Huffington Post, Psychologies, Healthy, Spirit & Destiny, The Telegraph, The Guardian, ITV’s This Morning breakfast show, FOX TV, BBC radio, Steph’s Packed Lunch and so many more!

 Tell me your biggest success stories. Who are you most proud of working with?

See here for a selection of our success stories:

Share your words of encouragement and advice for aspiring artists.

The people who are at the top of their game did not get there by accident. They put themselves out there in the media and that’s how they got to where they are now… not the other way around.

It’s easy to think that you’ve got to already be super successful and have this incredible rags to riches story for the media to be interested in you and that is not the case. The media wants a variety of voices, including yours.

It’s OK to be scared about suddenly becoming more visible, this is perfectly normal but remove the focus from yourself and think about the people who need to hear your message instead. Then go out there and create real media impact!

Pop all your work and social media links so people can come and find you.


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