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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Nicole Posner has become a best selling author with her new business book, And Breathe….

As new book, ‘And Breathe…’, stormed the Amazon book charts, Nicole Posner is celebrating her new status as best selling author. Sitting alongside major players like Simon Sinek and Brené Brown, And Breathe…. reached No.1 in 10 categories including; Business Skills, Business Consulting and HR & Personnel Management.

Nicole Posner, author of And Breathe... on The Table Read
Nicole Posner

And Breathe…

Communication and Conflict Consultant, Nicole Posner, supports business leaders to minimise conflict through effective communication. In And Breathe… Nicole has combined her mediation and communication skills with her study of Psychology created a guide for how to ‘have difficult leadership conversations’ in order to nurture a thriving and harmonious environment. She offers a range of strategies that can help all of us professionally and personally, in our challenging interactions.

After years of facilitating complex mediations, Nicole realised that many bosses had no idea how to navigate sensitive or tough conversations. This often leads to a small misunderstanding escalating into a full blown crisis, causing broken relationships and costly emotional and financial damage.

“I became increasingly frustrated during mediation after mediation, that I was simply putting a sticky plaster over the issue, but not really touching what was at the core, because the business owners or bosses were essentially the root of the problem.  Yet, they didn’t recognise this. They didn’t have the communication skills to deal with people problems, which made matters worse or their choice action was avoidance, which only escalated matters!” explained Nicole.

Leadership Styles

Nicole herself experienced the impact of overpowering leadership style in her early 20’s while working at a PR Agency where bullying and uncompassionate bosses were the norm and not the exception. Despite working hard in the glamorous world of PR, often working late and over weekends, Nicole was left feeling demotivated and disengaged by the lack of respect shown to her by her managers.

With this book, Nicole is taking the opportunity to ensure others don’t experience what she did by showing today’s leaders that they can nurture the emotional wellbeing of those within their business, and still meet targets and deadlines.


The book is split into two parts; Conflict Prevention and Conflict Cure, starting with why problems manifest, followed by guidance on how to address them.

Each section of And Breathe… covers a specific topic including awareness of the factors that contribute to conflict.  Communication styles and behaviours, a focus on mindset and approach to the conversations and a look at the many types of challenging conversations leaders might face.

In Understanding Difficult Conversations, Nicole describes what drives our resistance to step in, how to address it and how to move forward as ‘avoidance should never be a choice’. 

Nicole Posner on The Table Read
Nicole Posner

In ‘The Three Archetypes’, she discusses The People Pleasers, The Freshers and The Warriors, and how each of them react and communicate in these difficult situations, the impact of their styles and what the best approach for each individual is.

In ‘It All Starts With You’, she shares how the approach and mindset towards the conversation dictates the outcome.  She offers a host of tips and advice to ready readers for the challenging dialogues ahead for success.

The #1 Writing Tool

Nicole Posner

Nicole is on a mission to educate and empower leaders and business owners to tackle conflict and people challenges more discerningly and confidently with new book, And Breathe…

Nicole, who began her mediation career in 2016, previously studied Psychology for 6 years, following her fascination of people and their behaviours. Changing direction once her children were all grown up, she persued her passion in a bid to do her bit to minimise workplace conflict, ensuring businesses were thriving and happier places to be.

She subsequently trained to become a coach, working with her clients to raise awareness of their communication style and the impact of it while guiding them through their difficult dialogues.  She also delivers bespoke leadership workshops.

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