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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, But Seriously, Who Knew? by Melanie Green is an unexpected book about cancer that makes you laugh as much as cry through expanded versions of the blog she started on learning of her diagnosis. 

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But Seriously, Who Knew?

Melanie Green was living in Suffolk and leading a life that was envied by many when her world was turned on its head just a week after her 48thbirthday and following a diagnosis of cancer.

Throwing the conventional ‘woe is me’ stance on hearing such news to the wind, Mel’s book, But Seriously, Who Knew? delivers a very open and honest account of her cancer journey. Featuring the shock, horror, and grief you’d expect on hearing such news, it is the huge dose of unexpected humour that sets this book apart and instantly secures the author a place in the hearts of all that pick up a copy.

Cancer is cancer. Chemo is chemo. Right? That’s what Mel thought before she received her diagnosis. But she quickly found out she had a lot to learn! From bird poo to shingles, Aunt Sally to a burnt boob, and too many other ‘special joys’ to mention, who knew? Everyone’s cancer story is different, not worse, not better, just different. Mel lets us in on her own unique story of cancer, other illnesses, and general life chaos with some inappropriate humour and a touch of swearing.

Using the blogs she penned as a cathartic way in which to release the anger, frustrations, and fears surrounding her diagnosis as content for her memoir, Melanie is gathering equal praise from those that have been dealt similar cards in life, and those who remain cancer free.

Having also published My Cancer Journal to help people with cancer have a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings, Melanie is also keeping on top of all of the admin chaos that goes hand in hand with a diagnosis.

Melanie Green

I hope my book will help people have more understanding about what it is really like to have cancer, both during and after treatment, whilst acknowledging that everyone’s experience is different. The book is a very open and honest account of my story, and includes all the shock, horror, grief but also humour that comes with a diagnosis.

-Melanie Green
Melanie Green on The Table Read Magazine
Melanie Green

Melanie Green (Mel) had it all – or at least all that she wanted. A great husband, wonderful children, a fabulous family and friend network, a good job, a lovely home in Suffolk, and even a cave house in Spain! But a week after her 48th birthday her world came crashing down with the words “I’m afraid it’s cancer”. 

Mel started blogging about her experiences, knowing nothing about cancer, or its treatment, thinking cancer was cancer and chemo was chemo. But Seriously, Who Knew there were so many options? The blog was a cathartic way for Mel to release her anger, frustration, fear, and humour but it also began to touch the heart of anyone who read it – and they also seemed to be learning about the ‘joys’ of cancer along with Mel and her family.

Mel decided to expand the blogs, add some other life chaos in the mix, and has written a book – But Seriously, Who Knew? 

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