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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, coming of age story Santiago by Eduardo Rios Lasso is a story of wanderlust, adventure, and self discovery.

In his novel, Santiago, Eduardo Rios Lasso introduces his eponymous protagonist. Aged 26 and fresh out of college, Santiago’s anxiety almost always gets the better of him. That is until the day that his wanderlust takes over and he buys a ticket to travel the world… but does it come up to his expectations?


A cosmopolitan coming of age story, Eduardo Ríos Lasso’s Santiago is as much a tale of self-discovery as it is an adventure to far-flung lands

Santiago by Eduardo Rios Lasso on The Table Read

Poignant, mindful and capturing the essence of how it feels to stand on the side-lines whilst desperate to jump in and experience all that life has to offer, Rios’s writing style wins the reader over from his very first page. And, whilst the author confirms it is not autobiographical, he does pull on some of his extensive travel encounters which further adds to the authenticity of Santiago’s mindset and adventures.

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A gem of a debut novel, Santiago will delight those ready and willing to hop on a plane, as well as the legions of armchair travellers whose appetite to explore the world is satiated by the power of words.

Synopsis Of Santiago

Fresh out of college, 26-year-old Santiago has always longed to see the world, but his anxiety gets in the way. How can he possibly travel abroad if he feels sometimes heart-pounding pressure by simply riding a bus? But one day, after years of saving, Santiago courageously buys a ticket around the world. His parents think he’s crazy, but he takes a leap of faith and sets out alone. However, the world he had imagined was far from reality.

Meanwhile, Santiago finds out his best friend Laura, who could not join him on the trip, battles a recently diagnosed autoimmune disease. Will he regret his decision to leave her behind? Will their friendship survive or blossom into something more?

On his journeys from New York to Lisbon, Paris to Sarajevo, and Istanbul to Bali, Santiago must overcome his shyness and open up his heart despite facing challenges, such as scams, and confronting complex issues like human trafficking. Join Santiago on a journey of self-discovery and adventure like no other.

Eduardo Rios Lasso on The Table Read
Eduardo Rios Lasso

About Eduardo Rios Lasso

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

“I don’t plan to change my career as a physician; internal medicine will still be around, but a while ago, I heard some say a simple phrase that is become more and more present to me: do more of what makes you happy.  I love medicine but the truth is the combination of writing, creating and travelling makes me incredibly happy.

“I have no idea where all this will take me, but as long as I have the opportunity to do it, I will keep doing it.  I want to write stories where travel, and issues that affect our cities, such as poverty, drugs, mental health and human trafficking, among many others are reflected. This book is just that, my first attempt.  A glimpse of what I want to do.”

Eduardo Rios Lasso, emerged as a writer during his career as a medical doctor. Born and raised in Panama City, Panama, his journey has taken him around the globe to dozens of countries. Along the way, he found a passion for travel writing that seeks out positive life experiences. Santiago – Chronicles of a Young Traveller is his first novel.  

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Published by Zibarna Books, Santiago is available in paperback (£10.98) and Kindle format (£8.00) on Amazon at and

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