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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Weymouth’s Dusk ‘Til Dark event is set to return this September with an underwater adventure weaving its way through the town.

Dusk ‘Til Dark

This magical event is a way to bring the Arts to the streets of Weymouth, allowing all from near and far to experience the spectacle.  Activate Performing Arts works to create opportunities for everyone to engage with performing arts.  Consisting of a small team, with big ambition, the organisation promotes, supports, and produces events in Dorset and across the UK. 

In the past Activate brought Sense of Unity to Weymouth seafront as the giant puppet Dundu explored the town, worked with b-side to suspend the Dorset Moon at the Nothe Fort and a giant white hare was displayed on the hillside at Littlebredy. 

Dusk 'Til Dark on The Table Read
Dusk ‘Til Dark

These events are always free to attend, and everyone is invited. 


Activate Performing Arts

Kate Wood, Executive and Artistic Director of Activate Performing Arts comments: “Weymouth has always been a popular seaside town and we are so lucky in Dorset to have such a beautiful coast and rich heritage. It’s important that both the people who visit and the people who live here have a vibrant cultural programme. We experience such a warm welcome from everyone for the shows, and not only that, because we are based in Dorset we run a range of artistic programmes for people to participate in throughout the year.”

In build up to the 2022 Dusk ‘Til Dark event Activate held summer workshops in Weymouth where young people and children were invited to create their own underwater masterpieces.  A group of 40 children and children who are disabled took part at Weymouth College Bay Theatre. Artists leading the workshops were Holly Miller (puppet maker), Aimee Hobbs (movement) and Ellie Kirkley (music). 

Activate ran three workshops for children at Redland Community Sports Hub, Holy Trinity Church of England School and Weymouth Library and Learning Centre as part of Dorset Council’s Holiday Activities and Food Programme, with 50 children taking part. At these workshops children and young people made their own sea creature puppets which will be on display in shop windows around Weymouth town centre.

We Are Weymouth

Dawn Rondeau, We Are Weymouth’s Chief Operations Officer comments: “The Dusk ‘Til Dark event in Weymouth is not just an opportunity to drive footfall to the town, it’s a chance to bring the community together to experience something magical.  Something that the performing arts does so beautifully.  The excitement as the giant puppet Dundu moved through the town last year was palpable and we cannot wait to feel the same sense of wonder this year with Peixos.  Displaying the creations from Activate’s summer workshops has further engaged our local community and we know that children will be bringing their parents and families into the town to admire their works.” 

Mayor of Weymouth, Cllr Ann Weaving, said: “I love how this project is bringing such creativity and energy to our town. Events like Dusk ’til Dark Illuminations draw in huge crowds of all ages to experience this immersive spectacle. It shines a light on the importance of arts in local communities, and I’m proud that Weymouth Town Council has been able to support the event again this year. 

“As we’ve seen over the busy summer season, people are back enjoying our seaside town again, which brings a real sense of civic pride for Weymouth. And September’s free to attend events will see our town centre spaces reimagined in such a vibrant and fun way.”

With Weymouth’s coastal location, Activate’s summer workshops and the Peixos event, locals and visitors can fully immerse themselves in the underwater world.  This year’s Dusk Till Dark event promises to be a truly spectacular experience.   

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Pexios by Sarruga


Peixos’ is Catalan for fish. Barcelona based Sarruga has been making street theatre since 1994, and is known for its original giant metal sculptures inspired by nature. The director was inspired by his experiences of diving to make this piece.

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