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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in It Was A Riot by Daniel Hall, Eddy Turner finds himself on trial for manslaughter, and recounts his life story through the lens of an LGBTQ+ man in the 1980s.

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It Was A Riot

Daniel Hall’s debut novel, It Was A Riot, throws us into the heart of a bygone era – the tumultuous 1980s in Britain, a time especially challenging for the LGBTQ+ community. Through the eyes of Eddy Turner, a gay man from London’s gritty East End, we experience a life marked by adversity, love, and heartbreaking loss.

Facing charges of manslaughter, Eddy recounts his life story in court. It’s a raw and emotional journey, weaving together themes of resilience, societal prejudice, and the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We witness the injustice faced by the LGBTQ+ community, simply for existing and daring to love. Hall masterfully combines these elements into a gripping tale of self-discovery.

Eddy’s life has been a constant battle. Growing up gay in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, he grapples with bullying, a domineering football hooligan for a father, and the struggle to find acceptance. Entering medical school becomes his lifeline, but it leads to a new set of challenges that will define his future.

From the brutal realities of the Falklands War to the forgotten mining towns of Northern England, Eddy desperately seeks solace. He throws himself into the drug-fueled raves of London, numbing his pain with fleeting escape. But the shadow of AIDS looms large, claiming the lives of his closest friends and leaving him feeling helpless.

The turning point arrives when a protest turns violent, and Eddy finds himself on trial for manslaughter. Fighting for his freedom against a biased court system, his story ignites a national frenzy. As the case unfolds, a shocking revelation about his past forces Eddy to confront everything he thought he knew and re-evaluate his entire life.

Can Eddy break free from the judgment of his father and finally accept himself?

It Was A Riot by Daniel Hall is a must-read for those seeking a raw and emotional journey of an LGBTQ+ man navigating identity, societal rejection, and the fight for belonging in a world desperately in need of a riot.

Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall is a passionate wordsmith who thrives on transporting readers on captivating adventures. A lover of literature, sports, and escapism, Hall crafts stories brimming with gritty details, thought-provoking themes, and relatable characters – a welcome escape from the everyday.

Fueled by a lifelong fascination with history, a visit to Ypres in Belgium sparked a writing fire within him. Inspired by the soldiers’ weekly visits to brothels, Hall envisioned a unique love story – the catalyst for his debut novel, “It Was a Riot.”

Hall’s versatility as a writer is evident in his diverse portfolio. From erotica and gangster novels to psychological thrillers, LGBTQ+ narratives, and even a World War One romance, he isn’t confined to a single genre. Currently, he’s delving into historical fiction, promising another captivating journey for readers.

Beyond writing, Hall holds a Master’s degree in Management and enjoys watching football and cricket when not planning his next literary adventure. This London-born author, now residing in Essex, finds joy in spending time with his children, proving that a fulfilling life blends creativity, family, and a touch of healthy competition on the sporting field.

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