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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in The Jungle Olympics by Marina Ristic, the Lion gives all the animals twelve weeks to train for the Olympics, with rules including not trying to eat or scare each other.

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The Jungle Olympics

Introducing the joy of the sport to the animal kingdom, Marina Ristic’s The Jungle Olympics teaches life skill messages to young readers, and advocates the benefits of taking part, team spirit and following the rules.

The Jungle Olympics by Marina Ristic on The Table Read Magazine
The Jungle Olympics by Marina Ristic

In The Jungle Olympics, on hearing about the human Olympics every four years, the jungle buzzed with excitement. King Lion called a meeting in the clearing, and all the animals eagerly participated in crafting the rules for their very own Jungle Olympics.

The Lion King declared the rules as follows:

 – everyone can take part in any sport they like

 – there must be no cheating

 – no trying to eat or scare each other

 – everyone must remember the true spirit of the games.

A committee was chosen to judge and award medals (bronze for third, silver for second, and gold for first) after the animals had a thrilling 12 weeks to train in their chosen events, and the anticipation culminated in a grand opening ceremony before the official start of the Jungle Olympics.

Some surprising athletes emerged, like Snail and Tortoise taking on the marathon, and Bunny Rabbit was so excited he started running in the opposite direction. Antelope injured her foot. Tiger was right behind her. His first thought was to eat her as he was very hungry, but he then remembered what the Lion King said about the rules and the spirit of the games, and helped Antelope to the finishing line. Because he helped Antelope he missed the chance of winning his own medal and was awarded a special medal in the shape of a heart, for showing great kindness and sportsmanship.

After seven exhilarating days, the Jungle Olympics concluded with a flurry of medals and newfound friendships. The animals roared with pride, not just for the victors, but for the lessons learned: making tough choices, perseverance, the joy of camaraderie, and the importance of fair play. The closing ceremony buzzed with celebration, except for a curious absence. Snail and Tortoise, still valiantly hoofing it out in the marathon, were far from the finish line. No worries though, their “never give up” medals were waiting for them with open paws!

With the animal’s democratic stance to making the rules of these wonderful new Olympics, The Jungle Olympics showcases the benefits that come from participating, challenging yourself and taking yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Written for readers from early years to aged eight or nine, team spirit and the new found camaraderie between participants shines bright throughout. And with readers hoping their own favourite animals will find themselves on the medal podium, Marina Ristic proves herself to be an exciting new voice in children’s literature.

Marina Ristic

Marina Ristic was born in Yugoslavia (Croatia region) and was sent to London on a temporary work assignment and was asked to stay on a little longer.

I live in Isleworth, West London. I love London, love living and working in London and consider myself lucky and privileged to live in the most wonderful city and in the most wonderful country in the world.

Sadly my husband died last year and I am learning to live alone. I have two sons, Mark and Anthony, and two grandsons, Oscar and Max. Running my own company, Lithographic Supplies and Equipment Ltd, I export printing machinery to many countries around the world.

My job required me to travel and work with people in many countries. I take a keen interest in international affairs especially in all the countries I work with, always learning how they live, what I could do to improve their lives either personally or through organisations like UNICEF and Save the Children.

-Marina Ristic

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