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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, paranormal fantasy adventure, Ingenious Creatures And The Secrets Of Stumpery Hollow By Becky Davies, sees twelve-year old orphans Ned and Ramona stumbling upon a set of magical stones that set them on an adventure like no other.

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Ingenious Creatures And The Secrets Of Stumpery Hollow

Written for nine to twelve year olds, debut novel by Becky Davies, Ingenious Creatures And The Secrets Of Stumpery Hollow, is a thrilling middle-grade fantasy which ticks all the boxes, including relatable and compelling characters, epic worldbuilding, a sense of wonder, discovery, positive messaging and a standout ending.

When twelve year old orphans Ned and Ramona discover a set of magical stones that provide answers about the past, they get swept up in a dangerous battle between good and evil, encounter ancient legends, solve mysteries and fight to protect both the magical and human worlds from disruption, aided by some remarkable animals, all with special talents.

Working against them is the vengeful witch Zanami who wants to steal the stones for her own dark purposes. As the children unravel Carrick’s corrupt past, Zanami conjures up terrifying sorcery in her obsessive quest for power.

Ned and Ramona must learn to harness the magic of the stones and trust in their animal allies if they hope to defeat Zanami and restore order.

With descriptive language and sensory details that bring her world and characters to life, Becky Davies gives readers plenty of opportunity to use their vivid imaginations to fill in the gaps.

Becky Davies

I’ve always had a passion for books and have encouraged children to read with picture books, poems and stories.

-Becky Davies

Becky Davies was born in Berkshire, but now lives in rural Essex. Having enjoyed a long career working with children mostly with special educational needs, she unfortunately had to give up work following cancer that left her immune compromised.

Becky loves nothing more than being outside and is a keen photographer taking pictures throughout the seasons and capturing the best of all nature has to offer.

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