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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, In new book by Keith Huggins, Aubrey and Owl are the Camera Club who go on adventures, and help the police reduce crime, by taking photos of life in their hometown.

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Aubrey And Owl Adventures by Keith Huggins on The Table Read Magazine
Aubrey And Owl Adventures by Keith Huggins

Aubrey And Owl Adventures

Author Keith Huggins delivers a literary breath of fresh air for readers aged ten to 12, with new book series, Aubrey And Owl Adventures.

Aubrey and Owl are two young explorers who take their readers on a thriller voyage full of mystery and discovery. These official photographers discover old mysteries, undiscovered hazards, and hidden treasures while exploring with their cameras. They unearth long-forgotten history hidden beneath their town and learn more than they anticipated as a result of their interest.

Explore this fascinating story about two curious minds and the remarkable occurrences that happen in front of them.

Aubrey and Owl are easily relatable to young readers as photography is now such a ubiquitous part of life thanks to the smart phone. Their mission to seek out that photo opportunity or something funny to capture, and efforts to feed news stories to the local paper and update the police on things they should know about, shows how the camera club is a wonderful force for good.

With seven short stories, and acting as the launchpad for a planned series, Aubrey and Owl may be the new kids on the block currently, but with future antics and adventures in prospect, they’re destined to become firm favourites for youngsters with short attention spans.  And who knows, these intrepid shooters may even inspire the formation of several camera clubs or encourage others to learn more about street photography.

Keith Huggins

In a previous life I worked as an engineer in a variety of countries and cultures. For these series of books, I have put the words together while my wife, Zekie has produced the illustrations. Our ten-year old son, James has provided some of the inspiration.

We have produced books that consist of a series of short stories for the 8 to 12 years old with an understanding that their attention span can be limited.

-Keith Huggins

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