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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Unlock Autism 7-Step Autism Action Plan to Unlock Your Child’s Potential Within 12 Months by Taiba Bajar is a research-backed book to help struggling parents.

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Unlock Autism 7-Step Autism Action Plan To Unlock Your Child’s Potential Within 12 Months

Taiba Bajar from Eastleigh, Hampshire felt like healthcare professionals had written off her son after he showed signs of autism. To help other struggling parents and share the findings from her two-year intensive exploration of the neurological and developmental disorder, she wrote the research-backed book, Unlock Autism 7-Step Autism Action Plan To Unlock Your Child’s Potential Within 12 Months.

Undeterred by the prospect of a four-year wait for a diagnosis and limited future assistance, Taiba, armed with her dental science background that included neuroscience and neuroplasticity, took matters into her own hands. Recognizing the importance of early intervention, she dove deep into the connections between gut health, brain function, cerebellum development, methylation, and emotional intelligence development.

Her dedication paid off in a big way. Her son, who at two years old exhibited speech delays, sensitivity to loud noises, and severe sleep problems, showed significant improvement. Today, he flourishes in a regular school setting, enjoys strong friendships, and achieves all his developmental milestones without requiring any special educational support.

Taiba Bajar on The Table Read Magazine
Taiba Bajar

Taiba hopes that if parents start the journey with Unlock Autism, they will start to see the remarkable progress a child can achieve through simple changes made at home.

7 Step Autism Action Plan

Unlock Autism guides readers through a clear, research-backed 7-Step Autism Action Plan, offering practical tips, step-by-step guidance, and worksheets to unlock a child’s potential so they can achieve their milestones within 12 months.

Through the book readers will discover:

  • A straightforward 7-Step Autism Action Plan supported by the latest research.
  • Comprehensive advice for tackling behavioural issues, boosting communication, and enhancing wellbeing.
  • Tools for creating a supportive, nurturing environment tailored to a child’s unique needs.

Taiba Bajar

After asking for help and only being given 30-minutes support every eight weeks, I knew it wouldn’t be enough to support my son on his journey. Understanding that up until the age of five, a child’s brain can be re-wired through a process called neuroplasticity, my research began.

I’m delighted with his progress and even his teacher doesn’t believe he has any Special Educational Needs. It was such a breakthrough for us, and it’s why I have founded Autism Brain Empowerment to help other parents.

My book Unlock Autism is the next chapter in bringing this research and findings to more mums and dads who need it most, so they too can unlock their child’s potential within 12 months.

-Taiba Bajar

Taiba is passionate that parents do not feel like they are alone on their child’s autism journey, especially if they are aged between one and eleven. Knowing how challenging the disorder can be for every family member, and how limited additional support often is, she wants to empower parents to fill in the gaps, with a professional by their side.

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