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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, following on from her hugely successful first book, AspergerWorld, Autism advocate Joely Williams has released My Autistic Wings.

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My Autistic Wings

Written to help autistic teenagers transition into adulthood, My Autistic Wings by Joely Williams bursts with anecdotes and practical advice. In her educational and empowering book which explores Autism’s hidden disability, hardships, superpowers and diversity acceptance, Joely delves deep into Autistic inspired mindfulness, holistic wellbeing, challenging stigma and what can truly help Autistic people to healthily become the best they can be.

Multi world award-winning Autistic, popular author, Autism advocate, world ANCA Autism ambassador and international motivational speaker, Joely Williams, was diagnosed at age 2 with a gift; her disability Autism.

Joely may be bed bound some days and have only 16/100 average life skills, but have you seen her fly? With her new book, not only does she answer that question, and many more, you’ll learn to ‘fly’ in a way that works for you, too.

Published to coincide with World Autism Month, My Autistic Wings is a standout Autism resource book whose contents will make transformative reading for autistic people, family, friends, teachers and carers. With her no holds barred approach to telling it how it is, Joely Williams opens up to readers about her own journey to Autism acceptance, whilst detailing her Autistic traits, ‘superpowers’ and the daily hardships and needs to challenge misconceptions.

My Autistic Wings is all about accepting Autism for what it is; whether it be a disability or superpowers – or even both – motivating readers to seek out the best version of themselves in a healthy way.  

Be enchanted by Joely’s inspiring journey to Autism Acceptance; Giggle, as you relate to invisible roots of Joely’s Autism and ADHD. Discover awarded insights into quirks, hidden hardships, independence training, transitional care and healthy relationships; and weep, at Joely’s stories of unintentional gaslighting and mental health issues. Ultimately, be empowered by Autistic inspired mindfulness and practical advice, as you challenge misconceptions of what it means to succeed, thrive, and be Autistic.

Joely Williams

My new book explores Autism and diversity acceptance, Autism inspired mindfulness (which is different, to normal mindfulness), holistic wellbeing, challenging stigma and misconception and perceived progress and what can truly help Autistic people to healthily become the best they can be. A resource for all educational and healthcare settings, looking into Independence training and transitional care, written from my 20 years professional experience of working as a 121 to Autistic, disabled and neurodiverse, children and young people.

-Joely Williams

Joely is a world award-winning Autism activist, advocate, international motivational speaker, and author, who was diagnosed at two, as Autistic and ADHD.

Joely loves her disability Autism, after spending years learning to understand her quirks and embrace her differences. Joely’s biggest passion is to empower understanding of Autism hidden hardships, depths, quirks and gifts.

Joely travels the country for her activism business ‘My Autistic Wings’, where she delivers motivational speeches, Autism presentations and campaigns for change. Joely is now a multi world and national award-winning Autism activist, motivational speaker and bestselling author of ‘AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar’; a highly reviewed, empowering and educational resource book.

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