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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Forest Pathways, author and poet Michael Forester shares his favourite walks through the New Forest, interspersed with poetry and stories.

Forest Pathways

Previously, Michael Forester has published a diverse range of books including fantasy, a travelogue and the heartwarming tale of his relationship with Matt, his beloved hearing dog. Now, in Forest Pathways – Ramblings from the New Forest and Beyond, he is sharing his third collection of much loved series of essays, metaphorical stories and poetry inspired by walks of solitude in England’s New Forest and beyond, following his spiritual awakening in 2000.

Journey with Michael and Matt, into the deeper places, where the snowmelt cascades from your soul, where water whispers its own story and gold belongs only to the moon as he details of the walks he has taken through some of the lesser known areas of the New Forest and surrounding areas.

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Doubling up as a ramblers guide and tonic for the soul, thanks to the evocative mix of tales, verse and musings that time spent in the forest inspired the author to pen, Forest Pathways captures the imagination and providing a much needed opportunity for readers to pause metaphorically, reflect and reset.

Forest Pathways pours out metaphor after metaphor, insight after insight, leading you on a rising, winding pathway that takes you deeper into the forest of your own heart and beyond, and is pretty much as good as putting your walking boots on and heading out into the New Forest yourself.

Michael Forester

Forest Pathways is a collection of essays, metaphorical fiction and poetry, inspired primarily by walks in and around the New Forest in Hampshire where I live. Where the pieces are directly about some of the less well known walks in the Forest, I specify the carpark used and the route I took, so that the reader can follow the walk.

But the book is far more than just another ramblers manual. It is actually rather more about the impact of forests on our awareness and the inspirational or perhaps spiritual connection that being with them can bring. Hence, in addition to descriptions of walks, the book offers fictional pieces inspired by being among the trees, together with poetry and short pieces offering more profound insights into our nature and life journey. 

-Michael Forester
Michael Forester on The Table Read Magazine
Michael Forester

Close to being profoundly deaf, and living between the southern edge of the New Forest and the sea, Michael Forest primarily sells his books face to face, at speaking engagements and festivals in the UK and well beyond.

A full time author and public speaker, he travels both in the UK and internationally, to research and to sign his books for readers in locations as far apart as the UK, Thailand and the Philippines.

On graduating from Oxford University in 1977, Michael first taught economics, before spending over thirty years in the world of business consultancy and management.

Having experienced a spiritual awakening in the millennium year, he began travelling and writing creatively.

In 2015, he made a fundamental change, leaving business management to concentrate full time on creative writing and public speaking.

Michael is the author of twelve books to date, on subjects as diverse as business strategy, short stories and novels, spiritual inspiration and epic fantasy poetry.

His own journey has taken him from early years in academia into middle years in management consultancy and now into full time writing and speaking. It has taken him from normal hearing to near-profound deafness and, in 2004, the life-changing arrival of a hearing dog, Matt (the subject of ‘If It Wasn’t For That Dog’).

He has visited over forty countries, studying and writing about subjects such as deforestation in the Amazon, post-Apartheid forgiveness in South Africa, economic deprivation in the Philippines and a personal pilgrimage in search of the singing bowls of Nepal.

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