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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Liv Miraldi released Friend Of The Family, a haunting open letter to a parent having an affair, written from the daughter’s point of view.

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Friend Of The Family

Known for her viral songs Wingwoman and Same People, acclaimed singer/songwriter Liv Miraldi has released her new single. Friend of the Family is a haunting open letter to a parent having an affair, written from the daughter’s point of view, and considered to be Liv’s best storytelling yet.

Friend Of The Family was something I was afraid to talk about, so I knew I had to write it. I gave myself the space to feel the full range of my emotions. The song details the complexity of infidelity through the daughter’s point of view. This sad indie bop is an instant tear jerker that is sure to bring the feels.

-Liv Miraldi

Liv Miraldi

LA-based solo artist Liv Miraldi is a songstress renowned for her distinctive style and unapologetically honest approach to her artistry, fusing together fresh folk and indie pop. The New York Post has described her vocals as “intoxicatingly creepy.” Miraldi is fierce, passionate, and raw in both her intimate acoustic sets and her beat-driven pop songs.

Liv Miraldi photo credit RYAN TALERICO on The Table Read Magazine
Liv Miraldi photo credit RYAN TALERICO

Born Olivia Miraldi in Lorain, Ohio, she immersed herself in music from a young age. At only 7 years old, she began writing songs and putting her stories on a page. She found her voice in her father’s home studio, where she spent all of her time. She attended Lake Ridge Academy’s School of Fine Arts where she studied vocal performance and in 2012 she was accepted into the Interlochen Songwriting Program.

Miraldi relocated to Nashville in 2013 to pursue her artistry at Belmont University after getting accepted into their songwriting program in the Mike Curb College of Music Business. It was there she met Jonathan Timberlake, brother of Justin Timberlake, and the two knew they could create something amazing together. Under the moniker LIV, their collaborative artistry brought about “Poison in the Blood,” which was featured in Elle, E! Online, Marie Claire, VH1, InStyle and many more. 

After touring her solo music throughout France, interning in LA, and falling in love with co-writing in Nashville, Miraldi signed to the late Grammy award winning producer, songwriter, and music exec, busbee. He signed Miraldi to Altadena, his joint venture with Warner Chappell Music. She’s penned songs for artists across many genres including Tinashe, Lauren Spencer Smith, Mod Sun, Marc E. Bassy, Charlotte Sands, Dylan Conrique, WOOSUNG, The Rose, Jenna Raine, Skeez, Salem Ilese, Johnny Orlando, Natalie Jane, GAYLE, Dixie D’Amelio, etc.

After years of crafting songs for others, Miraldi realized she had her own story to share, leading her to rediscover her artistry with a reimagined perspective. 

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