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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, multi-talented singer, songwriter, and artist Kayla DiVenere released new single, Small Talk, with Sound Factory Records.

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Kayla Divenere 2
Kayla DiVenere

Small Talk

Following her recent hit singles, Date Myself and Jumping the Gun, LA-based artist Kayla DiVenere has released another punchy alt-pop earworm, Small Talk. Kayla created the song with producer/songwriter Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set) and songwriters Maia Kelly and Zach DeGaetano.

With catchy yet introspective lyrics which perfectly capture the highs and lows of young adulthood, Small Talk tells the story of a secret crush Kayla has on her brother’s best friend.

I created ‘Small Talk’ in my longing to have more than a fleeting 5 minute conversation with my crush every time he would come over. My imagination ran wild and I found myself aching for something like a John Hughes romance movie about a secret love, complete with a boombox outside my window and a mixtape of his favorite songs. After rewatching every romance movie I could find, I decided that instead of torturing myself, I should write this song in an attempt to pour my heart out and make sense of my desire for something more than small talk.

-Kayla DiVenere

Kayla DiVenere

Originally from Montreal, and now based in Los Angeles, Kayla DiVenere’s penchant for the arts has been apparent from a very young age. She started acting at the age of six (Love Victor, Law & Order, Light as a Feather) and is now proving herself as a true double threat with a slew of captivating singles.

Already landing editorial support from Spotify (Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop, New Pop Picks), as well as glowing reviews from The Line of Best Fit, FLAUNT, and Wonderland Magazine, there is no doubt that Kayla DiVenere is a true pop star in the making.

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