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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, set in 1628, Charlotte Storm Olsen’s March Of Fire sees William Douglas, the Earl of Mortona, accuse his half-sister, Lady Margaret Douglas, of witchcraft to steal her inheritence and gain favour with King Charles I.

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March Of Fire

In her new book, March Of Fire: Rattle Their Bones Volume One, historian Charlotte Storm Olsen uses her newly found fictional voice to showcase her passion for history and captivate readers from her very first page.

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Set in England in 1628, March Of Fire sees King Charles I’s most trusted confidant and military commander, George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, murdered. William Laud, Bishop of London, who has his own political ambitions, convinces King Charles I that dark forces greater than Parliament are at play. Laud points the finger at Scotland, where witchcraft is rife.

In Scotland, staunch Royalist William Douglas, the Earl of Morton, is desperate to gain favour with the King by raising money to fund the King’s wars. But to do so, he must secure the inheritance of his estranged half-sister, Lady Margaret Douglas by accusing her of witchcraft, and of conspiring to murder the Duke of Buckingham. As Margaret’s fate is determined, the rift between those Scots loyal to Scotland, and those swearing fealty to the English King and the new faith, deepens.

Thirteen years later, in 1641, an Ottoman soldier is sent to recover an ancient deed that could determine the outcome of the war in Europe. When a murder is committed, and the deed is stolen, the race is on to recover it. Should it fall into the wrong hands, the fate of Europe- and lands far beyond- hangs in the balance. It soon becomes apparent that Margaret’s fate thirteen years earlier, and this deed, are entwined, and that the survival or fall of kingdoms rests with those who, above all, wish to right terrible wrongs.

With an intriguing plot and equally well developed characters, Charlotte Storm Olsen eloquently enlightens readers to the conflicts happening in the reign of Charles I reign between those Scots loyal to their homeland, and those whose allegiance is with the King of England. But it is her decision to introduce a false accusation of witchcraft and the mission to find the deed which elevates the whole story to one of that is almost impossible to put down.

With this impressive debut novel, Charlotte Storm Olsen is confirmed to be an exciting new addition to the ever-popular historical fiction genre.

Charlotte Storm Olsen

Charlotte Storm Olsen is a historian and writer. Originally from Norway, she grew up in various countries across the globe, and completed her school and university studies in the UK. After working for a number of years in the Middle East, Australia, and Southeast Asia, she returned to the UK, where she currently lives. March of Fire is her first novel.

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